tillman fined?

Here is a written transcript.

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/archive/2008/07/30/cap-comments-costly.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... ostly.aspx[/url]

I have no problem with the fine. He agressivily challenged the league and got punished for it.

Mike could you please tell me who on the current IR, either day to day or 9 game you feel are paper cuts?

[url=http://www.riderville.com/siteimages/Depth%20Chart-GM%205%20vs%20Toronto.pdf]http://www.riderville.com/siteimages/De ... oronto.pdf[/url]

I would go with Best, Getzlaf and Shalogan. Certainly not the massive numbers that I have heard from some people.

btw, something I want to look into more, but evidentally teams are only required to pay 60% of the salary to players on the injury and disabled list, but the Riders choose to pay 100%. Now I know for a fact that this is the case for the disabled list, not sure about the injured.

Disabled list players do count against the cap and if the team chose to pay 100%, that 100% goes against the cap. Thus the Riders could have saved money against the cap by only paying the players agreement amount. This year, both Washington and Dominguez have been on the disabled. Last year, I cannot remember who all were on it, but Szarka was when he cut his hand.

Thank you!!

I suspect the fine is justified. When you openly say "play by the rules--spare me the rules" or "maybe we could forfeit a game" you really need to get your wrists slapped. The guy is far to media savvy to not understand what he is saying.

I have no issue with him discussing the difficulties of the injuries, but he went over the line.

Interesting that in the transcript, they coincidentally left out possibly the most inflammatory comments.

Did they? Did not know that.

btw, guess you could include Scott in the paper cut, but not sure.

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They did. Listen to the link J< provides, and follow along with the transcript you gave us. The transcript completely ignores the part where ET essentially says, "screw the rules". It comes right before the part where he (facetiously) says we might forfeit.


As I pointed out to you in another thread, Tate has been legitimatly injured this year. he only started to take reps again very recently. He missed much of the TC because of his shoulder.

Thanks, just took a listen and you are right that some sections are not in the transcript.

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Here are the one gamers from last game:


I would question the injuries to Acree, Best, Getzalf Morley, Scott, Shologan. The point here is that the riders sure seem to have a large number of part time players who get hurt.

Then off course there was Farrow earlier in the year, who was around for 3 games and released. I believed he got released just as Best was passing his phyiscal.

In terms of the 9 gamers, McKoy, Morin and Tate are somewhat questionable. Tate more so because of what happened last year.

Washington is classed as disabled, his salary doesn't count against the SMS cap. Someone posted the rules earlier which said disabled was none football related injury or illness and didn't count against the cap.

In terms of the 60% salary, I believe that only applies to players on the 9 game list and not the 1 gamers (I could be wrong on this point).

Why am I not surprised that a Vanstone / Davis published article doesn't include the full transcipt.

But the part from Kevin MacDonald is interesting.... and I quote “History, and the evolution of the cap in the board’s eyes, to some degree has been controlling our costs. When we look at our numbers and what a team has been approved to spend annually, those have been factored in and they’re included as part of the picture. I think there was a time when there was a lot of speculation to our injured lists and the credibility or validity of some of those injuries. I think it has been commented in the past that there were times when clubs were maybe not using injured lists for injured players . . . When the cap was brought in, it was to protect all clubs and create an even playing field. In a sense, this does by dictating the amount that can be spent toward player costs.’’

I think that speaks volumes....

Actually it includes players with football injuries from previous seasons and I believe that their salary counts. Take a look at Matt D, he was on the disabled list at the start of the year: http://www.riderville.com/siteimages/De ... Edmonton(1).pdf

Well then they must have to sets of rules for disabled. As I mentioned, someone posted the rules not long ago. It was stated clearly that disabled didn't count against the cap. Disabled was ruled a non football related injury or illness. Now, maybe football related injuries are deemed to last only the season. That I can't tell you.

I know in the recent blog written by the player from BC...he indicated from an insurance point of view, it only covers until the start of the next Training Camp. So maybe that is how they had both Washington and Matt D on the disabled list.

Arius is happy today. He can kick gm again. Hard to do when Riders are 5 and 0. Hard to do when you say Coach Austin was bad hire. Then Riders win cup. And Austin wins coach of year. Now he can kick Tillman again. Same as last year. The same Arius who said Barrett is a good coach. Compared him to Austin. Told us he has the same job Austin has now. College coordinator. Buffalo and Mississippi are the same thing Arius thinks. Go check there schedules. Buffalo plays Akron and Kent State. Mississippi plays Florida. Georgia. LSU. Arius tell us this. Is coaching for Regina Pats same as coaching for Calgary Flames?

I read what Mike said to. Same Mike who said gm lied about cap all last year. Same Mike who said Riders would be 300 over cap. Or more. Tillman had told everyone it would be 50. Mike called him liar until CFL said Riders were 50 over. Same Mike who said paper cuts were the Riders injuries last year. Now he is Doctor Mike again. I read this and called Tony with the Riders. For those who are not Rider fans this is who Tony is. He was Shivers right hand man. Same job with Tillman. He laughed at what Mike said. He said if Tate was healthy he would have played. Not Jyles. Said Riders would not have brought in 2 new qbs in 2 weeks. He said McKoy had knee operation in June. His 2nd operation. The rookie Canadian OL has a shoulder injury. Had surgery on it. Is practicing now. But wears a brace Tony says.

Mike says they are not hurt. Tony says 2 of them had surgery. Kind of like all your cap BS last year Mike. Wrong.

For the love of god not this debate again. Guys, just stop before it gets out of hand like it always does.

Dust tell me this. Tell me 1 thing I wrote they didnt say. Over and over. Those 2 always start in on our gm. Whenever they can. They send Shivers up my back.

5 and 0. That is all I need to say.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if nobody debates it, it dies a quick death.

Hard to debate 5 and 0. Hard to debate Grey Cup champions for 1st time since 1980s. Hard to debate coach of the year. Hard to debate Riders were more over cap in 2006 than 2007. Much more over. Almost 1 million in 2006. Only 50 in 2007. That is why it dies a quick debate death.

It isn't what you said Austin, it is what you didn't say. It is fairly obvious as to why Tillman was fined--if you actually listen to the conversation. Forfeit? Screw the rules? What league will put up with that nonsense?

The only one debating those points is you. They are completely unrelated to the current topic.