tillman fined?



Just a practice run, for the end of the season when the real numbers come out. :wink:

Those cheatin Riders are at it again. :wink: :wink:

Forget the fines, forfeit the games! :wink: :wink:

They wouldn't be cheatin if they were threatened with being 0-5! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Hang on, just gotta adjust the target on my back as I prepare for the Rider poster's rebuttal..... :lol: :lol:











How stupid. Makes the people in head office look like idiots. Nothing demeaning was said about the CFL. All he said is he would like to see changes. Most of the GM’s around the league probably would too.

Funny you would think after all the fines last year he would learn. Yes it was an inteview if he wants changes take it up with BOG but not in the press guilty as charged.

Actually I am not surprised he got a fine. After all he didn't recognize that the league adjusted the rules this year. The new rule as they call it the Eddie Davis rule.

Additionally, the league may also be sending a message. You want to carry a bunch of papercuts and complain you will be fined.


12 sellouts in a row, we can afford it. He should have doubled it and banked one for a future fine.

What I love most about this fine is that Tillman gets a fine for saying he wants changes and players are getting 'stern' talking too's for virtually ending another player's career. That type of consistency is just lovely.

Keep it up head office. Keep everyone on their toes with your ability to go in almost any direction with little consistency or reason.

Hopson should write Cohon a cheque for $5,000. Tell him the other half is for the next time the League gets called on something stupid.

He11, I wish someone at head office paid as much attention to this disgrace of a website as they do harmless media interviews.

Not stupid. He deserves a fine just for that funny hair/toupee of his.

Rob Vanstone from the paper here has the interview posted. I just listened to it. This is what Tillman said.

Riders cut $800,000 in salaries in 2007.

He talked about how they did that. And why they did that. Talked about injuries putting them over the cap by a little. That was 2007.

He said the Riders support the cap. He said that 4 or 5 times.

He said the Riders support the commissioner.

He said teams cant control injuries.

He said the Riders traded Joseph and Perry. They did not keep Hunt and Holmes. Said he got heat from fans. But did it to make sure Riders made the cap this year.

Talked about injuries being frustrating. Said the cap was good for the CFL but how the cap is put together has to be changed some.

He said coaches and gms have no vote. Owners and presidents vote. Said he felt like a dog barking since he couldnt vote. Maybe that was why he got fined. But $2500. Maybe $100 for saying that.

I am a Riders fan. But after listening I say how did the man got fined $2500. Or fined at all. He said the Riders supported the cap. Supported the commissioner. But the system needs to changed some. To make it better. To make it fair.

If I was the commissioner I would like him saying Riders support the cap. Saying its important for CFL.

As posters, we better be careful or maybe the league office may fine some of us for repeating what Tillman said.

Tillman has gone too far on this one. To even suggest that minor changes be made. Who does he think he is?

+2 wow very good point i never thought of

I dont always like what Tillman does. Or says. But he has done a lot of good things for the Riders.

He has hired good head coaches.

He has made a lot of good trades.

The Riders are better now than ever. Or better than I have seen. And I have been going to Rider games since Joe Faragelli was coach. I even went with my dad when Ron Lancaster was the coach.

This fine. He was asked about injuries. he said the cap was good. But it needed some change. Tell me this. Why is that a fine and what Stubler said is not? Stubler said the refs took the game away from the Argos. That is a lot worse than what Tillman said. A lot more.

You do that in the board room not to a reporter. Just maybe he should tie a string around his finger so he will not forget.

I am surprised he didn't get more. Tillman should learn to keep his yap shut. Jeez he is still talking about two years ago. Give me a freaking break.

They adjusted the injury rules, they don't allow GM to vote. So what recognize the fact they are making adjustments and move on.

It's all a part of that master plan to not use reason or logic. This plan to not have a plan, or at least logic, keeps them perfectly consistent with their inconsistency.

Instead of just your summary of things, I sure would have enjoyed a link to the actual interview. No offense, but after your summary, I still have no idea what exactly ET said.
Does anyone have a transcript/link of the actual interview, or are we just going to comment on what he allegedly said?

[url=http://www.greenzonefootball.com/audio/the-green-zone/20080721-e-t-is-frustrated-over-injuries]http://www.greenzonefootball.com/audio/ ... r-injuries[/url]