Tillman Fined $1,000

TSN Headline .. ET fined. I think Tillman should be fined further for this statement that clearly shows disrespect for the CFL and suggesting that the CFL is shooting the messenger. When will this guy learn?? This guy is sounding like a meglomaniac. The CFL has tape. They were going to review regardless of Tillman's panties being in a twist.

Unglued is one thing but continued stupidity is quite another.
TSN headline reads:

"Saskatchewan Roughriders general manager and VP of football operations Eric Tillman was $1,000 for publicly making comments disparaging to the B.C. Lions. "
The articles goes on to quote Tillman's further attack on the CFL:

[b]"Tillman released this statement in response to his league imposed fine.

"Yesterday, the league validated our complaints at every level,? stated Tillman. “Today, they felt it was appropriate to fine the messenger. We accept both decisions made by the Commissioner and believe each speaks for itself.""[/b]

Post it in the Lions forum if you feel the need to post things multiple times, you already posted this in the other thread.

You are obviously not a Rider fan so quit trying to stir the pot and start something in here.