Tillman fine

When does the circus continue?

You know, when your on top, everyone wants s piece of the pie. Tillman said NOTHING wrong other than the obvious truth, that not everything is perfect. So is Mark saying, yes it is? And if you argue, you will pay a price. Sounds like Mark is a friend of totalitarianism. Rule with a iron fist!

C'mon Mark, I actually had some respect for you. Tillman's comments weren't bad.

what did i miss?

Maybe Cohon should be fined for incompetence and the refs should be fined each time they blow a call BIG TIME (Especially the PI by BC on WPG)

Bet you big time that if Clemons, or Wally BooBoo would have said those things, Cohon would have catered to them!

??? What comments did he make? and what the heck was the slap on the wrist for? -- im obviously outa the loop. i try and stay away from the politics.

It's ok guys, Tillman is fine, sitting on his lazyboy at home watching some CFL on TV :wink:

See the main CFL board. There is a thread on the same subject with links.