Tillman: Eskimo's New GM

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In all wellness, I wish Eric Tillman all the best in the GM position with the Edmonton Eskimo's.

Haha, well this is great news, I knew he'd be signed by Edmonton. Two good moves this season... Danny Mac fired, and Eric Tillman hired, here comes the proper build up of the Eskimos... hopefully :cowboy:

I think this is great news for the Esks and Eskimo fans and I hope ET can be successful here. I am concerned about the knee jerk reactionaries out there that (even though the victim and her family have forgiven and moved on, and legally the matter is finished), they have decided they are disgusted and they aren't going to.

I think he'll be a great asset to the team and his hiring gets my vote! :rockin:

There's an article about Tillman's hire on the main page. There are a couple comments at the end that I liked.

First: Tillman's plans for the team: Tillman’s plan for success is four-fold. First, improving the Canadian talent. Second, having better depth at the quarterback position. Third, employing a strong kicking game, and last but not least, having a strong coaching staff.

All of that sounds great to me, and by improving the Canadian talent, I hope that means he'll also respect the draft, something DM didn't do.

Second: Richie Hall is safe for the rest of the season it appears, some tweaks will continue to be made to the roster but the major overhaul won’t happen until the off-season.

I kind of figured Hall would survive the season, and Tillman wouldn't make the bulk of his moves until the off-season. That's fine by me. It means he's going to take his time evaluating everyone.

For the first time in a while, I'm genuinely excited about the Eskimos' future. :thup:

last night Rod Pederson voice of the riders said on his weekly tv show IN THE HUDDLE it was stated that by next yr you guys may be blessed with Kent Austin as head coach they said that tillman will offer him an offer he can’t refuse and also quoted as saying that tillman passed up on Richie Hall 2 times when he was here in saskatchewan 1. barret out - Austin in 2.Austin out - Ken Miller in
if this does indeed become the case not only do I believe you will be in the Grey Cup within maximum 2 years if ET AND KA team up again
what a KICK IN THE PRUNES to us RIDER fans

While I'm on board with keeping RH to see out the season and then reassessing the HC, DC situation, as well as improving the Canadian content (starting with a new Canadian Scout and a better drafting strategy), I'm not so sure about the QB comment.

One thing ET has to be careful of is not to cut to deeply too quickly. Maciocia did that and gutted some of the Esks leaders (e.g. Mobley) too soon. If he's concerned about Maas, then the worst thing to do would be simply cut him. He's one of the few guys on the team who actually bleeds green & gold (Mo Loyd certainly does not) and is an on/off the field leader. IF, however, he maintains JM as a QB coach, then things will be o.k. (That's the direction JM himself has wanted to go anyway.) And as for Zab, I think it's too early to scrap him as a project. So what would that leave us with... RR, JZ and then bring in a couple of guys in the developmental role for TC and see if one sticks. That's about as far as I'd go with getting more 'depth' at QB.

My betting is that Maas is on the coaching staff next year.
And I have no doubt that Hall will be gone. Even if he has potential as a HC he can’t survive this mess and Tillman’s biggest move is the HC. I’m sure it’ll be a proven guy…but this move is big for the new GM.
Boy its been a long time since the Esks have been in such turmoil. That said there must be a sigh of relief that they have a football guy in place.
If I believed in god I beg her to ensure to me that Tillman’s issue was a complete drug induced abberation. The information I’ve read and my gut is that it was.

Just as an add on to the last post I expect Tillman to make a big push to get Stubler pried out of BC to become the DC next year. Wally may give him the DC in BC but he’d have to fire Bienvedes and I’m not sure he’d do that.

Head coach next season; I’d like to see Scott Millanovich, currently with Montreal. Chris Jones of Calgary is another one, but I can’t see him leaving his post any time soon. Not sure where Hall will end up in the scheme of things, perhaps DC.

Ya…those are good choices. Milanovich would be intriguing. While I think Hall is a legit DC do you think he can move down to that? My gut says they cut all ties to this debacle. And Hall probably feels the same. I just cant see him staying but he’ll not be unemployed long. Plus if he’s fired I believe he has one more year on contract. Good for a breather. He needs it. Seems like a decent good man.

In years gone by; Richie Hall is a Defensive Co-ordinator by rights even though he is Head Coach. I don't think it would bother him (demoted) if he was asked/offered the job of DC.

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More player changes coming shortly, and Tillman is going to Moncton.

An interesting article. I definitely wouldn't mind him making a few trades for picks before the deadline. :smiley:

Rumour has it; Hall will be released after a win/loss to Toronto in Moncton? Who will get the interim job to guide the Eskies for the remainder of the season? Could very well be Dave Richie I say.

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Here's the link to the above post.

Hall does need to go, he's just not ready for primetime yet.Question is where does he go?

Position coach for a few years, then D coordinator of the Ottawa expansion franchise.

Well, we're inching toward the end of the week and Hall hasn't been fired yet. I guess that was just a rumour. Or at least I hope it was. If Tillman truly wants to fire Hall, I think he should do it now instead waiting each week to see if the Eskimos win or lose.

An article posted earlier in the thread; I'm the guilty one Chief for saying it in the first place and it was wrong of me to do so. :oops: Rumour is just that (rumour), and sometimes more than not I tend to bite into it just a little. But your right and more than likely the firing would have happened by now. I respect Hall (who is different from Hufnagel) and sometimes I think he's perhaps too soft. Who knows what would have happened if the Eskies lost, but on the otherhand I hope they win some more games en route to their quest for a playoff berth.

I didn't mean to make it sound like I was ragging on you, man. Just making a general comment. :wink: