Tillman caught telling a lie?

Stuck on another idiotic fixation are we , RLR? The thread topic was Tillman showing his Rider Pride, but somehow you got a pride parade out of it. Typical, when you run out of tears for your team's injuries, you now turn to this, and its even more pathetic. The real issue-- if Armstead was happy here-- and apparently he was not, so he got traded to Hamilton. So now Holmes is done because the Ti-Cats did not know how to take advantage of Holmes' strengths, that is the fault of the coaches, not Holmes. I guess we know why the Cats are always struggling in the East basement. I have a feeling that we will see the real Corey Holmes, with a team that can best exploit his talents. Harp on the parade thing all you want RLR, because you are just hiding the fact that you are jealous over the fact the Riders just got better.

SAmbo I think RLR is being taken way to serious. The guy is hurting right now with his team having key injuries. This is his way way of dealing with the frustration. Mind you I really think that Tillman needed this trade to cut some salary. I could be wrong I mean it has happened many times before except when chatting with Arius of course.

I'd never be jealous of Aunt Thelma :wink: Especially not after getting her first break in 18 years! I'll let her have her glory, because we all know that it will be short lived :smiley:

Well RLR, enjoy second place for this week and next!

Uncle Bucky never got any breaks… guess a separation will have to do :frowning:

Since RLR likes to drudge up the past so much, lets have a quick history lesson, and then maybe we can get back on topic.

Now, should we first discuss the 21-year drought B.C. suffered from 1964-1985? Our perhaps we should discuss the fact that Hamilton, the team with the worst record right now, actually has more Grey Cups than B.C.: 7-5. Better catch up, RLR.

And how about Winnipeg and Edmonton? They both have more Grey Cups as well: 7 and 13 respectively.

Plus Toronto is tied with them (5), and get this, the down and can't seem to get up Ottawa Renegades also have just as many Grey Cups (5).

And while we're at it, lets talk about that fact that B.C. has never been able to win back-to-back championships. Winnipeg did it... twice! Edmonton won 3 straight... and then later won 5 straight. Ottawa and Toronto both won back-to-back championships. What's wrong with B.C.? Why can't they?

Maybe now we can actually live in the present? :roll:

people are ragging on Holmes? really? wow. that makes zero sense. I know Edmonton was rumoured to be looking at bringing him over in a trade to help with their non-existent running game.

someone is a lil bitter because there team is in second place, ya ya i know your team won the cup last year.

GReat post.

Yes I am proud that the Riders are at the bottom of that Grey Cup list. Many more to come?

Holmes is not done. Holmes is still able. Holmes will perform. Our return game will explode. Dual back shotgun time, I hope.

What abilities Holmes still has remains to be seen. Obviously the Rider brass believes he has lots left.

Basing what he has on how he performed in Hamilton is really not fair - last year was an unending nightmare and this year is only marginally better.

If that analysis were to hold water, Justin, Smith, Kornegay and Flick should all be crap players too.

A good player can be made to look awfully bad when placed in the wrong situation.

Tillman said the Riders only cut 15,000 so it wasn't a salary move.

I dunno. I mean, if I remember correctly, Jason Armstead had a salary of around $175,000, which is ridiculously high, as much as I like him. Corey is making I think around $120,000, and I think Getzlaf has got to be making around $40,000-$50,000...

Hey Milt Stegall, Geroy S, J. Reynolds must all be living in fear of being traded now. They have all gone to their coaches this year and asked for more effort to get them involved in the offence.

Talking to coaches and gm's about getting more playing time or more passes or more carries happens all the time. It doesn't result in a trade.

I suspect what has prompted the trade more then anything is the attitude and team spirit issues. The only question that is remaining, is who is telling the truth. I would tend to lend more credibility right now to Armstead.

Of course you would.

What are you talking about?

What part don't you understand jman, I will simplify it for you...

talk about your conspiracy theories

Although, I have read all the articles, the following from the first post
The trade, initiated last Friday, was kept quiet and caught him ( Armstead )completely unaware.

So it is not surprising that Armstead is going to need a little time to get his head around his altered state.

"For a deal to come like this, at a time when your team is winning ...," Armstead said from Regina yesterday, his voice trailing off. It is what it is. I have to go to where my job takes me ... Rider GM) Eric Tillman wanted to go in another direction. It was great to play in Regina. The fans were great.[/i]

Definitely, leaves the impression that Armstead wasn't asking for a trade.

There have been a number of articles circulating since the trade about Armstead meeting with Tillman (and likely Austin although he is not mentioned) to discuss his role on the team after the game on July 28, none of them mentioned the trade request in relation to the meeting.

However, now Tillman appears to say that he asked for the trade on July 28 and that is the reason they moved him so fast in three weeks. One of articles in the Leader Post, indicate the request may have been asked for after the end of the season.

I am giving the benefit of doubt that Armstead never asked to be moved. This came as a result of Austin wanting to keep team harmony and for that I would agree.

The first game between Hamilton and Sask will have more coverage, particularily, if Sask has clinched a home playoff game by then or it is on the line during the game against hamilton.

The truth is somewhere in the middle of Tillman's and Armstead's comments.....and although this comment isn't unlike other CFLers, it still caught my attention.....


"Armstead said that he wants to use Hamilton as a stepping-stone to the NFL and 'the brighter side is that Hamilton is a better situation for me. If you don't have the stats, the NFL doesn't look at you. I wasn't getting the ball as much in Regina.'"

I don't know why it's such a big deal if Armstead asked for a trade or not. This is a professional sport where trades happen and players move around the league. The gm is suppose to do what's best for his team. If that means trading a played from a contender to a team out of the play-off race so be it.