Tillman caught telling a lie?

from the hamilton spec:

The trade, initiated last Friday, was kept quiet and caught him ( Armstead )completely unaware.

So it is not surprising that Armstead is going to need a little time to get his head around his altered state.

"For a deal to come like this, at a time when your team is winning ...," Armstead said from Regina yesterday, his voice trailing off. It is what it is. I have to go to where my job takes me ... Rider GM) Eric Tillman wanted to go in another direction. It was great to play in Regina. The fans were great.

from CFL.ca/regina leader-post:

Tillman said the Tiger-Cats had approached him about the possibility of a deal for Armstead, who had requested a trade earlier in the season.

hmm...armstead doesnt SOUND like he requested a trade.

It's hard to say though, maybe the guy changed his mind once his production went up and the team started to win.

Armstead is a great player. I think Hamilton got the best out of this deal.

Actually, I think the Leader-Post is partly culpable here.
In a live interview with ET, I believe he states that Armstead asked about his role on the team, questioning if he was being used properly, etc. He doesn't specifically say, "Jason asked for a trade".
However, he is implying that Jason was unhappy and that this was best for him.
That is typical of ET--he always does what is best for the players, even though they so often disagree....
I think the Leader-Post just made the assumption that ET had hoped they would...

The only lie I can remember Tillman saying is that he thought the Riders had a good chance at winning the Grey Cup

No. Wait. There was something else.
Oh yeah.
I think he once said he thought both Buck Pierce and Dave Dickenson were durable....

Oh boy thats hope he did not lie. The last guy that lied to priders got his own T-shirt. What was it again oh ya Burris Is great! :lol: :lol:

I think he said that the Lions won the Grey Cup last season. I guess he can tell the truth sometimes.

Maybe he is playing a Play station game and used the Colts as the Riders. :lol: :lol:

Who here is invited to the Tillman Pride Parade?

I think he should get his own T-shirt at least! Thats see what would be a good t shirt for him any one with suggestions?

Is it only me but does Corey Holmes appear done, has lost a step and looked really badly out of place.
That's why I also agree how the Cats got the best of this deal.

Holmes has been done for years. Not a good trade for Sask at all in my opinion.

Will Holmes be invited to the Tillman Pride Parade?

Who is Holmes? Oh ya the under achiever from Hamilton. :lol: :lol: Armstead is one player I hated my team playing against. Thanks Tillman! :lol: :lol:

Funny how now all of a sudden Rider fans are not supposed to be proud of their team…When BC was in first, it was all we heard about.

It was all you heard about because the Lions were first a lot more than 1 week in 31 years.

We throw Wally Buono Parades when the Lions win the Grey Cup. If the Riders want to throw a Tillman Parade for winning the cup, let's hope he's still alive by then.

Soooo....back on topic.....from all accounts I've heard to this point, and keep in mind that I have no credible source for this - only rumblings - Armstead came to him shortly following the July 28th game and asked to be utilized in the offence more.....because the want was to spread the offence around rather than focus on one person, Armstead couldn't be accommodated, prompting the trade with Hamilton, who could make better use of his abilities.....

...be careful what you ask for in other words...

He wasn't really getting used a lot in the offense, but it must hurt going from a team with the best record to the team with the worst in a couple of days :frowning:

Im not sure if this is Tillman lying, or the Leaderpost making an assumption that Armstead asking for a bigger role in the offense was him asking for a trade.

Either way, best of luck to you in Hamilton Armstead ( just not against the Riders ).

HMMM salary cap move possibly! :lol: :lol: