Tillman breathing fire

Tillman had beef with Buono

Rob Vanstone and Darrell Davis, Leader-Post

Published: Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Saskatchewan Roughriders' general manager was Eric The Red-Faced after Saturday's 37-34 loss to the B.C. Lions on Taylor Field.

As the Lions celebrated a last-minute victory, Eric Tillman approached B.C. head coach Wally Buono, shook his hand, and extended congratulations. The remainder of the conversation was not as cordial.

Tillman went on to articulate his view that two Lions offensive linemen - Rob Murphy and Sherko Haji-Rasouli - should have been ejected from the CFL game for alleged indiscretions during an on-field rumble late in the first half.

I told Wally what I thought,'' Tillman said. "I told him, 'You're too good a football team and you're too good a person to condone that,' but the fact that it continues to go on is a direct reflection on the head coach.

"At the end of the day, he's accountable for his team. The fact that sort of thing continues to go on after the whistle over and over and over again is a reflection on their head coach. The sad thing is they are a great football team with a lot of good football coaches and that sort of stuff takes away from greatness.''

According to Tillman, the Lions' Rob Murphy had John Chick by the throat with his fist cocked while holding down the Roughriders defensive lineman. Tillman also offered his view that Haji-Rasouli was guilty of kneeing.

Murphy did receive an unnecessary roughness penalty, but remained in the game. Haji-Rasouli was not penalized. Receiver Cory Rodgers was the only Lion to be disqualified.

"Both guys should have been ejected,'' Tillman said of Murphy and Haji-Rasouli. "The last time I checked, grabbing a guy by the throat and holding him on the ground was against the rules.''

Tillman was also disappointed with the outcome. Geroy Simon's 33-yard touchdown reception with 34 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter supplied the winning points.

"You give them credit for coming back,'' Tillman said. "It was a heavyweight boxing match. We had opportunities to win this game. To their credit, they made plays that prevented us from doing so. Give them credit.

"My issue is not with them being an outstanding football team. They are an outstanding football team and they're very well-coached and they're very talented, but as I said to Rob Murphy at the end of the game, Rob Murphy is a great player, as I've said many times. He doesn't have to do the other stuff. His play speaks for itself. He's an all-star player.''

Buono, for his part, is a future Hall of Fame coach.

"I know it's Wally and I know he expects us to bow at his legendary feet, but don't expect us not to stand up for our football team,'' Tillman said. "The same rules apply to him that do to us.''

While Tillman was breathing fire, Buono was less anxious to discuss the post-game chat.

"Honestly, I can't comment on what was said,'' the Lions' coach-GM said. "That's not something that I feel like discussing. What happens on the field, I've said over and over again, stays on the field.

"You walk off the field, tempers cool down, (and) you want to discuss it? I could be reached.''

Well there you go Tillman as a GM should have left this for later. He is right with what he said though. But there is a time and a place to discuss this. Tillman and the Riders are frustrated with losing three in a row.

I think the 3 guys that were mauling our third string qb should have been ejected they were just protecting him. Ie Dave Semenko Wayne Gretzky ring a bell anyone. Its not like they bring weapons into a game but it does make people talk and add to the rivalry also read my post on one of the other threads about trash talking it applies to this as well. It will sell more tickets. How many people go to a hockey game for the fights I say if its that bad wait for the guy after the game then you find out who the tuff guys really are theres no one to break it up

Someone sitting beside me mentioned that it looked like Wally and Eric exchanged unpleasantries but I hadn't noticed. I did notice Eric chatting with Jiminez after the game and it looked friendly enough, as well as with Barron Miles which im assuming he had as a player with the Argos.

That was a mess for sure. I agree that Rasoulli should have been punted and I didnt really see what Rodgers was doing exactly to get punted so I have no comment on that. As far as Murphy goes, he got a fair penalty and I dont think kicking him out would have been fair. Murphy held him down with a cocked fist by the throat but was not hitting or chocking the lad. Had he done either then an ejection would be fair, as is the penalty seemed fair to me. I think there was a bit of piling on in that play by Sask, one guy in particular came in an plopped down a bit excessively and that set the guys off.

With the Gass ruling and if Rasoulli isn't suspended for a game, will it be a signal that the gloves are off and anything goes?

There has always been crap that goes on at the bottom of the pile but throwing helmets and punches has always been penalized harshly and the players used to police that themselves. Now it looks like the guys who do it just laugh it off. If nothing is done, I would predict that the gloves will come off and injuries will result.

Is there some new rule I dont know about that says if the QB fumbles the ball, the defence is supposed to just let him recover it?

Is there some new rule I don't know about that allows three defensive lineman to sit on a QB and continue to pound him into the ground after it is clear that he has recovered the ball?

RLR, are you kidding?
the ball was fumbled, jackson along with the other riders went to recover it. noone was "pounding your QB into the ground" as you call it. I can assure that the defense was only concerned with recovering that ball, not with "injuring jackon".. why would we want to hurt him? if we do, u guys put in Pierce, who is clearly a better QB.

The only one who clearly wasnt playing football on that play was Rasoulli, that guy is such a joke. His idiot play (even tho Rogers got wrongly fingered for it) put the Lions out of FG range there... much like that game where they lost earlier this year...

  1. We didn't lose that game, we tied it
  2. Watch the play again, when the ball was recovered by Jackson did you see any of the Riders getting off of him? I didn't.
  3. Thank goodness we finally have O-Linemen that don't sit there and watch our third-string QB get injured. These guys have guts and it's showing.
    4)The Lions owe Sherko big time for waking up their squad, nice to see the team play with some fire after that brawl.

hey, how about the next time some hits our QB, lets just forget about the rules, and start a big brawl, start punching, kneeing and ripping off helmets... its all justified by your logic (or lack there-of)...

Dont you know that anything the lions do is OK with RLR......Kicking and punching is fine because someone tried to recover a fumble!

The fact of the matter is the lions never had any class and its beginning to show.

I agree ro, the Lions are a dirty team and win dirty. They show a complete lack of respect for the league. They're actually the only team I've ever seen play this way. Maybe it's time for the CFL to step up and suspend the entire team for the rest of the season.

That way, the rest of the league would have a chance in hell to finally win something. Show some class Lions!

i expect major fines and suspensions from this one

i expect major fines and suspensions from this one
Know way ??????? ref's could'nt get it right//// Small play had no facture on game

Maybe somebody from the league should quote this back to wally the next time he tries to send in a video or make a complaint. It would be interesting to see what he has to say then...

Sure sets up an interesting Western Final.....If the Riders can get by the Stamps! :wink: :wink: :wink:

If we can have the Lions in 3rd and 11, with a 4 point lead and 34 seconds left in the West Final (wherever it is played), I'll take my chances....

But change your defensive coverage! (next time) :wink: :wink:

I couldn't be any happier if the Lions played the Riders in the Western Final under the Dome. As we saw last year, Riders can't handle the noise of 50,000+ packed into BC Place. Yes, the Riders give the Lions trouble in the regular season. But the Lions win when it matters most.

For a third-string QB to engineer a winning touchdown drive like that on enemy territory is simply spectacular. Jarious is the real deal, and not having any takers in the off-season was truly a blessing in disguise.