Tillman apparently no longer with Cats, maybe heading east

Tillman interviewing to move East, contract with Cats has expired

Austin will be on Tillman’s radar as the Schooner’s first HC, IMO.

I wonder if the Ticats will be hiring someone new to replace Tillman, or promoting Burke or Allemang into the GM role?

Great? Thats all we need another ticat GM(who couldn’t get it done here) going to an expansion team only to haunt us and win the cup before we do. ::slight_smile: :o :-[

If Austin is indeed in Tillman’s radar ( but I thought he was with NCAA), I say Grey Cup to Schooners before the Hammer! Too bad!

Maybe he’ll lure Mazzoli too!

I think I’m going to puke.

Waited 25 years for a CFL team to come to Halifax and it would be born with two of the most unlikeable, arrogant and unpromotable individuals this league has ever seen.

Get the money then get the stadium built. Then complain.

First things first.

I’m in complete agreement. Not sure why Leblanc is interviewing prospective employees when he hasn’t even presented his business plan to the city or province or owns a franchise. Kind of disrespectful and likely to be seen that way.

I think maybe this shows that it is pretty much a done deal(behind closed doors) :wink:
for the franchise and Stadium

My sentiment exactly. Naylor was already chatting about playing the inaugural year in Moncton in 2020. (Tillman isn’t going to sign, if there are any doubts)

Something would really have to go sideways for this deal not to happen.

Lets keep our fingers crossed; lot of us have wanted the 10th franchise for a long time.
Will be a real feather in Randy Ambrose’s cap.

This is the city that talked itself out of the Commonwealth Games and all the federal and provincial funding that would have came with it.

Hamiltonians, if anyone, should know never to overestimate the power of local politicians and burocrats to louse something up.

Halifax getting a stadium built is not, repeat, not a sure thing.

I think that Halifax will win the Cup, Schooner or later…

The Eagle 8) 8) 8)

Love it!

I doubt that very much.

A lot of blind faith and trust by many people , Ambrosie being the most prominent, being invested in Halifax city council to do this.

A city council that thought the most pressing issue was to take down a statue . A statue of its founder.

Helps keep the process moving forward, makes it closer to being real. Makes it harder for council to say no to the stadium.

I suspect the leaking of the hiring of ET also signals the likelihood how Moncton will be the temporary home starting next year, which is a very good thing.
With the need for player evaluation and what is expected to be an expansion draft at the end of this current year.

If they follow the rEDbLACKs model, a team playing in 2020 would mean the Schooners get to participate in the regular college draft in 2019. They would exclusively select players with remaining eligibility who will not be ready to play until 2020.

I assume this would bump the Cats down in the draft order, just like every other existing team.

Good. For his 2 free agents over 2 free agencies, trading up in the draft only to not sign his pick, the Johnny Manziel foolishness, the only thing I’m upset about here is that he didn’t get his walking papers sooner.