Tillman and Burke

Ever since Tillman took over an expansion Ottawa team many years ago and I will say fleeced us of talent in the expansion draft I think snagging 2 of our OLineman I have held him in high regard.
And even right up to now I never considered that he was a weak link. Only a strength.
But checking out the roster who has he brought to town that we would consider blue chip?
This roster is almost completely lacking stars and I am seriously questioning his competency.
Has the game passed him by?
The team needed help in the defensive backfield and we signed a million DBs for camp. One has panned out.
Our OLine is decent from a Canadian perspective but where are our strong International tackles?
Receivers are lacking.
And for Burke what does he bring to the team and what in his past history shows that he is worthy of being an assistant GM?
Does anyone really think he is a GM in waiting?
Maybe it is time to start at the top and restructure the front office from the top on down.


Eric appears to be resting on his laurels. He's at an age where he's not going to advance much further than he's done in the CFL. He'd be a lost soul re-starting with an NFL team - even a junk franchise.

When you rest on past laurels you don't do the due diligence you used to. Same old contacts, same old game films, reports, bird dog network, etc.

When Eric first started he was the epitome of the eager-beaver GM-in-training - using all contacts, breaking a few house rules and getting the job done, whatever it took.

Now this sad mess. Eric can't be bolstered by what he saw happen with Art Briles. Just a few years ago, Eric faced criminal charges in the province of Saskatchewan for issues surrounding female harassment, some charges bordering on assault/rape. That's why he's worked under a self-imposed cone of silence, seldom granting interviews or even conversations to visiting media. Can't speak for local Hamilton guys like Marsh Ferguson.

When Eric started roster-building was a travel-burdened, one visit at a time process which was time-consuming. But he was obviously good at it. Now its dominated by social media, facebook and youtube performance footages, touting by guys who want to see their charges get pro contracts (look how easily the bombers were fleeced; selectinga fat, out of shape kid named Faith Ekakitie with the 1st overall pick this year - that's embarrassing).

So while Eric has more tools at his disposal than ever before the stuff he was really, really good at, being a silver-tongued southern USA accented devil are pretty much out-dated recruiting techniques. My theory!

The reality is most teams do a great job now with recruiting. These "connected" old boys like Tillman, Popp, Barker and others are getting outworked, plain and simple. Interesting that in Hamilton they were doing a much better job recruiting than since Tillman has arrived. Did they need this guy and his baggage at all?

Something will have to give. My guess is Young will hide Mitchell somewhere away from the football team and replace him with Austin. Would fix a lot of problems for Mr. Young and Mitchell can still work for him without being "attached" to the team.

This team has a huge image problem... and it should not be like that.

Very interesting theory. Something has to change with finding talent.

Our best talents are mostly other teams finds

Wasn't that the plan with Glenn Gibson?