Tillman and Austin Unglued

Tillman could have easily declined these radio interviews, saying that he was too busy preparing for his team's game this weekend. He didn't, and not only did he interview, he compared Wally Buono to Paris Hilton and the situation to Johnny Cochrane and 'the glove'. Did the radio stations put these words into his mouth? No. I doubt they'll help pay his $1000 fine either.

Its just the eye of the beholder, Wally isn't any better, he has just been doing it for a longer period of time.

Like I said eye of the beholder.

I don't recall Buono going on Regina radio calling Tillman a Paris Hilton or Johnny Cochrane, but I could be wrong.

I don't recall any Saskatchewan radio stations thinking he was worth asking any questions of regarding the incident. Remember, the BC stations contacted Tillman, not the other way around.

They should be calling Buono and asking him how it feels to be a champion.

RLR IS THE KING OF BEING RIGHT. EVERYTHING he SAYS is SO RIGHT. I wonder if it is tough being SO RIGHT SO OFTEN? I especially enjoy when he comes onto the SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS FORUM and shows the fans what a GREAT person he is. MAN I AM SO JEALOUS OF THAT GUY. I BET HE GETS ALL THE CHICKS.

Give up this ridiculous topic. This is FOOTBALL, not The View with Rose O'fatty and Barbara Whatshername.

Did Tillman hurt your feelings? I doubt it. Give it up!

Please lock this topic as it is going SO NOWHERE SO FAST and it is taking a LONG TIME TO GET THERE. Going nowhere with RLR is A REALLY LONG TRIP.

women haters? beyond sick.... You are taking this way to serious and one can only assume your attempting to pick fights or are obsessed. Why start it the rider section if you hate them so much?