Tillman and Austin please take your feet out of your mouths!

if we deserve fines or suspensions then by all means let us have it.

Now there is a good sport! Thanks!

Looks like he is justifying the on field fight, and is upset about what happened afterwards.

Seems like if they do catch hell it will be for the roid rage, and fan taunting. None of which the Lions did.

I'm suprised he said anything at all about it, but he certainly isn't focusing on the fight on the field, which is the only thing that both incidents have in common.

red > I got no problem with the ejections and if the league decides on suspensions so be it. But for Swervin to call what the Riders did today bad enough to make what Murphy and Rasouli look like boyscouts requires evidence. And you agreed with him. My problem isn't with what happened as much as it is with Swervin's initial over-the top post and your full agreement with it.

BigU> Well really to me there is not much difference when fights occur. Yes you should never kick a player well he is down that did not occur but I am sure punches were thrown thus the players removal from the game. The problem is the circumstances are the same players were coming to the aide of their QB right.

I really dont like what happenned, it was ugly. Especially considering how clean the game seemed to be until then. To me, there were 3 things between the Rider/Hamilton Melee, and the BC/Rider Melee.

  1. Both involved the Riders.
  2. They started differently... The one with BC started with a fumble, while this was blatantly (sp?) after the play was over.
  3. In the BC melee, we all know who should have gotten kicked out of that one if Abou-Metrick (again sp?) and Jones got the boot today. I almost wonder in this reffing team got blasted from the last melee and made sure they dont get blasted again.

If there are gonna be fines and suspensions, then so be it, what happened was unprofessional. I really dont know what exactly the 2 Rider players were kicked out for, but it is what it is.

Yah whats next they gonna have a faceoff at the 55 yardline?

Fines yes...suspensions NO... nothing that happened on the field today warrants suspensions on either side.

I fully expect Abou and Jones to be fined for what happened after they were sent off during the officiating debacle. I cannot remember in the history of the CFL where 2 starting offensive linemen have been thrown out on one play...Personally I would like to see the Proulx Comedy crew get banned from officiating period.

I knew this thread was coming, Im just surprised at who started the thread.

The major difference between this incident and the BC one, is the fact that there was no fumble on the play, there were no punches or knees thrown, and the coach didn't pretend that nothing happened.

Im of the belief that players were tossed in this game because they refused to keep their yaps shut and jawed at the officials while they were trying to sort the mess out, not because they started physically abusing one another.

If a Rider player threw a punch or kicked someone, regardless of whether or not it hurt them, then suspend them. If they didn't, then don't start stupid threads involving incidents that go way over your head.

Yah this reffing crew is one of the worst in the league and in this league it takes alot to be the worst. First the triple DQ and then Mcoulugh gets ejected for basically protecting himself as morena rips his helmet off and gets nothing.


Oh brother. Now it's all the refs' fault and they should all be fired. I hope you guys don't have girl friends - I worry about our gene pool.

Practice what you preach Austin and Tillman.

"We're going to look at it and if we're wrong, we're going to admit we're wrong,'' said Riders head coach Kent Austin. "We'll take responsibility for that.

"It's unacceptable. We cannot lose complete control like that. Responding to our quarterback getting roughed up is one thing. Continuing to be out of control all the way to the huddle, all the way to the locker room, is not acceptable.''

I believe they call that accountability if you really want to go there. Some people could learn something from admitting when they're wrong.

That's great that they're admitting that they were wrong. Wouldn't have hurt them to admit it in the past either, but I guess better late than never.

That's how many games now where Austin runs on the field and yells at his team to stay disciplined? Hopefully they continue to lose their focus all the way to the playoffs, they won't last long.

You are mistaken, Austin is simply getting some exercise to control his cholesterol :wink: Wally could learn from him, coaches orders.

Wally gets more than enough exercise lifting the Grey Cup over his head :wink:

If you guys watch the replay they showed on TSN the flags thrown for the ejections all happened when the players were mouthing off to the refs. As far as I saw there were no punches thrown, mostly just pushing shoving and alot of yelling. Wich pretty much happens every play just not to that extent.

Jones and Mechreck acted like children when they got kicked off admitedly.

This was apples and oranges to the BC Sask incident. Only similarity is that it was the riders and the same officiating crew. Period.

To me the only difference was that only one Hamilton played piled on top of the opposing QB, while in the Sask/BC incident it was three Riders.