Tillman and Austin please take your feet out of your mouths!

wah, wah, wah...BC is so dirty. Rob Murphy is so mean. Rasouli is so dirty. They shouldn't be allowed to play football that way, they're too rough. The league should fine and suspend them. There is no place in football for such dirty players. We're such puritans in Regina. We're angels. We're the good guys. We would lay down our jackets for old ladies to cross a mud puddle. We're salt of the earth. We would never condone that kind of football. Quarterbacks are part of the game. You can't protect them like that. Its just wrong.

What do the holier than though roughriders coach and GM have to say about the embarassing bafoonery of their players now? They just made Murphy and Rasouli look like boy scouts. At least they didn't throw their helmets around and do the hulk hogan roid rage outside the dressing room like a couple idiots.

Now you know how it feels when someone is roughing your QB after the whistle. As I said before, I didn't see any problem with Rasouli or Murphy's actions and I didn't see anything wrong with the rough play of the Riders.

That being said Tillman and Austin just got their own players suspended for all their whining after the BC game. There is no way the league will let those two bozos walk after suspending Rasouli.

There's a lot of toes tickling tonsils in Sask right now. I hope you all washed your feet before the game started.

Good post and well said.

hey bucko.

the Riders didn't start this.. Tilley did. he went after Joseph a little much!

I think the Referee was being very unfair in this!

You guys are pathetic.

:lol: :lol: Can you believe that. I see it is okay for yor guys to protect your QB but the BC guys they should just watch. Makes perfect sense to me. Clear as mud!

Personally, I have felt like crap like this has been gotten out of hand and it should be clamped down on. I wish my team was not involved, but it was. Obviously, I have my bias on how this all occured, but I think the league should make examples of a few of these guys. Once Gass successfully challenged the leagues ruling, to me, it seems the floodgates are opening for bad behaviour. For example, Sask's Jones throws his helmet, but will likely not get anything now since Gass didn't get anything substantial. I wouldn't be hurt if a few Sask players and a few Ti-Cats had to sit next game so that the precedent is set that if it happens, it will be punished.

To those posters that are comparing this to the other incident we had against BC, I don't think the comparison is fair since we did not swing punches, kick or throat hold any Ti-Cats (unless I missed something).

Look a fight is a fight. Regardless the two incidents are similar. The olineman for the Lions and now the Riders were trying to protect the QB. I find that is the same. The fact is I do not blame them for doing so. But Tillman should be embarassed about this after the stink he made with the Lion players.

hey swervin, show me where the Riders threw punches at the Lions in the pile.
I thought the Jones helmet toss was stupid and odds are good he will be in trouble with his coach, unlike the way Wally treated his boys.

BigU there had to be a reason those Olineman were booted out. No! Yes they were fighting in a different stance but never the less they were fighting.

Hey Red your Stamps look awesome with Hank in the sadle, just like my Argos with Bish.
I could smell a Cowtown Double Blue Grey Cup.

There is no difference between what Sask just did and what BC did before. In both incidents, the oline was pissed about what happened after the whistle blew. Pot meet kettle, kettle meet pot.

Austin won't do anything about it, nor should he. Tillman will be eating crow for the next year over this, and I'm loving it.

At least our guy had some class when he got booted out, unlike the 2 roid ragers in Sask. Did you see those guys as they left? Taunting the fans and throwing helmets. Hey if you are going to play that way, at least learn to take your punishment like a man.

Ah Argotom I am one that will not predict thinks such as this. There a few games to be played. Yes Hank is playing super. But to do that you have to give credit to the whole team. The defense which has been a sore point up until recently is putting it together. The receivers did their part and Reynolds the forgotten running back is doin his job as well. We did well in special teams and what about those hoggies. Jay MacNeil what is wrong with those penalties buddy! But heck I wonder what they would do with out so many of them.
It appears the Hamilton Tiger cat defense got under the skin of the riders. They are good at doing this.
But fighting after your GM did the song and dance with the Lions is well not good. But guys the olineman for both teams did what needed to be done protect the QB. Tillman will now see this won't he.

Yes your D will need to shore up especially the DB's.
On the Offense to compliment Hank, I have been saying all year and today proved it, you still have the best receiving corp in the league.
My Argos ball hawking DB's versus the receivers, a great matchup.

Hey those bomber receivers were nothing to sneeze at they played well. Our DB's are young but they seem to be getting better each game out. Browner has a shot at rookie of the year. The problem is qB's are staying away from him most of the game.

I have a question for the Rider fans what do you think Tillman should do after this today.

  1. Contact Wally and appologize
  2. Make excuses
  3. Run and hide do not answer the phone.

Red > from Jones after the game: "He was trying to take Kerry's dignity, so I jumped in. I didn't push the guy and I never threw a punch. I was on the side of the guy, laying on the ground with him, and as soon as I got up he pushed me in the face. I didn't retaliate. Somehow I got kicked out. I tried to ask the officials what I did, but they couldn't tell me.''

retrievil - you willing to eat your words?

"We're going to look at it and if we're wrong, we're going to admit we're wrong,'' said Riders head coach Kent Austin. "We'll take responsibility for that.

"It's unacceptable. We cannot lose complete control like that. Responding to our quarterback getting roughed up is one thing. Continuing to be out of control all the way to the huddle, all the way to the locker room, is not acceptable.''

BigU if you go to the Pen and ask all the convicts in side if they did the crime. They would all say they did nothing. Now that is a bad comparison but really the refs saw something to call his number. Do not get me wrong they should protect their QB. But why is it ok for the Riders to do this but not the Lions.

Personally, I think Tillman should man up. If there is evidence that any of his guys kicked or punched anyone, then he should suspend them himself.

Remember, not one Rider fan had a problem with the Lion that was booted out of the game. Nobody complained about him at all. Most the complaints were levelled at the guy doing the kicking and punching who didn't get kicked out.

Hey BigU your right but fighting is fighting. Tillman should man up and save face. Wally did the right thing not getting into it. I am not a Wally fan but he did it right. Now if one of the Stamp DB's hit a QB out of bounds and hurts the QB I would expect the Stamps to come out and man up with an appology.

Personally I think the ref booted the guys because he was the ref of the Lions/Riders game and got chewed by the league for not booting guys that time. I haven't been able to locate any video of the incident but I'm sure there is some. Anybody able to help with that? I watched the game and if they showed any replays of anything worthy of ejection I clearly missed it.

BigU please we have been through this with other fans BC and Riderfans. Accept that they were booted and call it a day.