Tillman accepts Riders GM job

That's the very first thing he says that I enjoyed. Boy, do I wish that one is true !

Me too third

CKNW reported on the noon sports that the leading candidate for the Head Coaching job is Dave Ritchie. (CKNW reported Ritchie and Tillman are friends)Now I kind of question that because of the Heart condition of Ritchie. As defensive coordinator, he seems to look (on camera anyways) that he is more relaxed. Also, Ritchie and buono are close friends as well. Just food for thought.

They should stay away from dinosaurs. Get some fresh new guys like Doug Berry…

My vote is still for Cortez!

....Doug Berry ain't going anywhere....now OUR Greg Marshal could be under consideration :cry: ...and you can't stop the man from improving his position...Kent Austin could be another guy Tillman will look at....as for Dave Ritchie.....i really think his experience as head-man is hard to over-look...but i believe his best days are behind him...should be an interesting next little while in Riderville :roll: :roll: :?

My vote is for Cortez too.

Bite your tongue.:lol:

Ottawa wants a HC -- by definition for a brand new tweam, that would dictate hiring someone competent to hold the position. That disqualifies DB.

Tillman and Ritchie had a falling out while ET was with Gades. I forget the circumstances but it was serious.

They may have mended fences but I can't see Ritchie being a HC again.

The Shivers dog and pony show is gone.. good riddance... at least the "affirmative action" policy went with him as well... maybe we will see future Clermonts and Ryans suit up for this team instead of being overlooked... he has said he wants to upgrade the Canadian talent on this team... which IMO is long overdue... maybe a few that have been underutilized(Szarka)may finally be used properly around here.

CFL side of me says Cortez is your man. But eh sTamp fan in me says Jo Paopao! :lol:

Actually Ottawa may have been a contender if they had played together for another season. They were very close to being a very good team when they folded. I dont think that Paopao was a bad coach, he was just in a circus. I would like to see Cortez or Condell even get the Rider coaching job. Barrett has 9 games to prove that he has a future as a coach in this league.

barrett may work as a coordinator somewhere... actually i don't even think he should do that. maybe qb coach. that may be a good fit for him.

Danny Barrett isnt a bad coach at all. If and when he, although i really hope he doesnt, leaves, then hell get a job somewhere... Its not like the man cant coach. He is a players coach, no doubt about it... But he is still a good coach. He will have learned a lot from this past week or so...


heres an interview with tillman just seen on sportsnet:

[url=http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPlayer.php?url=rtmp://]http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPla ... _08_23.flv[/url]

but he is still a good coach??? based on what. a losing record for 7 years while having one of the highest payrolls in the league. for always underachieving with a very good cast of players for years. when comparing him to jim daley... yes he was a good coach. yes his players like him. other than that he has been a failure. you people are complaining that ritchie may be the next hc but had you had him the last 5 years you would have ended your drought at least once. he is 100x the coach barrett will ever be. seriously i don't understand why anyone would consider him less than 75% of your problem in saskatchewan. i know rider fans love those associated with the riders and all but barrett has done nothing to prove himself.

1st of all, i never said anything about Dave Ritchie. Secondly, 75% of the problem? thats ridiculous. Somebody who causes 75% of a teams problems would be someone like say a Terrell Owens... Danny Barrett isnt liek that at all...

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=10983&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 3&writer=0[/url]
The Roughriders have 13 players in the option years of their contracts and 30 players whose option years are in 2007, plus they are committed to $4.5 million in salaries, Hopson said. The CFL plans to enforce a $3.8-million salary cap next year.
shivers and barrett couldn't get past 9-9 with a $4.5 million payroll...

to put that in perspective, next years cap is $3.8 million

tillman has the difficult task of trying to improve the teams record while cutting payroll...those 2 don't usually go together.

That is a difficult task.

Perhaps Commissioner Campbell can advise Tillman on how to hide salaries.

I think Tillman will have to unload some veteran players who are "Long in the tooth". Good younger players can be found.

I would think guys like Nate Davis, Charles Thomas and Fred Childress would be the 1st ones on my list to be turfed. We could also let Grant and French go as well, they are useless players to this team. Give Fantuz a chance to see what he can do this season.