Tillman accepts Riders GM job

I'm going to start a new topic to announce Tillman, from a credible news source, has been named the Riders new GM.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/article.jsp?content=20060822_113756_4404]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/ar ... 13756_4404[/url]

Sportsnet has learned that Eric Tillman has agreed to a multi-year contract to be the new general manager of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. An official announcement is expected later today.

Tillman, who had been a CFL analyst for both Sportsnet and the CBC the last two years, will begin his new duties immediately.

One of the most respected and admired football minds in Canada, Tillman previously won Grey Cups as the GM of the BC Lions (1994) and with the Toronto Argonauts (1997).

With Tillman in place, the big question is in regards to the future of head coach Danny Barrett.

Should Tillman decide to make a coaching change in the off-season, there is a long list of potential candidates.

They include:

George Cortez, the former long-time offensive coordinator with the Calgary Stampeders.

Kent Austin, the Argos former offensive coordinator and a long time friend of Tillman's.

Greg Marshall, the Winnipeg Bluebombers current defensive coordinator.

Tillman met with the Roughriders Tuesday to discuss the possibility of him taking over the helm in Saskatchewan. Although there were reports stating there were others in contention for the GM position, Tillman was their first choice and it was his to decline.

Tillman turned the Roughriders down in 1999, but mostly because of matters of the heart as he had just started seeing the woman who would eventually become his wife. Now married with a young family -- a two-year-old daughter and one-year-old son -- Tillman has no regrets.

"In '99 I was a 40-year-old bachelor in a formative relationship," Tillman said. "It's obvious I made the right decision.

Shivers, 65, had been with the Roughriders since December 1999 -- taking the job after Tillman turned it down -- and compiled a 52-64-1 record with head coach-assistant GM Danny Barrett, who between them formed the first African-American management team in pro football.

Shivers and Barrett inherited a team that finished 3-15 in '98 but has made the CFL playoffs the last four years. Still, Saskatchewan hasn't hosted a post-season contest since 1988 and last won the Grey Cup in 1989.

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good news. he can easily bring in talent just as well as anyone in this league. hope barrett sticks around for the rest of this year - it's his baby. and he and the players need to stop whining. football is a businesses. go play with dolls if you are upset (except you French. You never catch balls thrown to you anyway. feel free to quit. I'd rather watch Fantuz)

Too bad, I would have liked to see him land here in Hamilton. Good on the Riders, a quality football man in Tillman in my opinion, a lot of connections and professional in every way, very well spoken also.

What?? No inside top-secret league sources which shall remain nameless? And a link? What are you trying to do, roughy.....make McMahon look bad??

Good news for the Riders, and I hope Tillman does well in Saskatchewan.....but this is the second worst-kept secret in recent CFL history.....

Finaly a credible source. Thanks roughyfan.

....Danny wil not stick around after the end of this season.....I'd say he resurfaces in Ottawa or Hamilton.....this is really good news for the Riders, ET will make some good things happen......

He was being "groomed" by Shiv for the GM position, and he didn't get it. Now, with the multi-year contract of Tillman, Barrett won't get it next season, either. He can't be happy about that, so his departure/contract not being renewed at the end of the season wouldn't surprise me one bit. I expect it, actually.

That said, I'd be surprised if Barrett lasts the season.....seriously.....

If the Riders hit a skid like they've done so many times in the past, watch for more changes.

Interesting.....a Riders press conference in ten minutes.....whatever could they have to announce? My guess, considering they've already have Tillman's bio up on riderville.com.....


Heres food for thought. Maybe the Shivers and Barrett show will turn up at the new Ottawa franchise. I can see the headline:

“Dynamic duo that turned the Riders around all set to rebuild Ottawa.” :roll:

Good news!

BTW, go with Austin.

I don’t like Austin either as a player or coach.

This is good news for riderville. Tillman has always wanted to be in Regina. He wanted to be here in '99.

As I announced 2 days ago Eric Tillman is the new G.M.

It's a 4 year deal that will pay him $2.4 million but if he declines his 5th year option the 4th year reduces to $175,000.

Which his salary will then go to the CFL pension and can reduce it by the canadian law 10%.

Eric told me this is what the last negotiations were about, and he feels that Saskatchewan offered him the exact same deal Roy had.

Roy was in his extended year contract so he was getting only $120,000

For those who are wanting the sheets for 4a and 6b, please send it to Mark by 7pm today. We will mail you out the copies to the networks and 4 admins by Friday. I will be away for a week so you will not be able to recap the sheets and then resend them to the league.


I'm not soppose to do this, and Eric did not tell me anything or has given me a hint, but early this eason when Eric was on CBC, he was asked to name some possible future head coaches in the CFL.

He basically says he can't beleive that Greg Marshall is not a head coach, and feels Chris Jones to be deserving some recognition for his work.

I though it would be interesting to release this but remember this did not come from Eric directly, but I would feel he is fine with his remarks earlier in the season.


....you know ro1313 is going to say baloney, don't you?.....

where is that pic???

Marshall isn't going to be HC in the CFL again soon, he is coaching for the CIS now.

...Tillman... being a guy that likes to get things done...and surround himself with the people he wants....will probably turf Barrett ....maybe sooner than later...seems odd you would start half-way through a season....but heh....you got to start somewhere...and i truly believe that the Roy and Danny 'show' in Sask....had worn itself out...Tillman is a pretty good strategist...but also watches the money pretty close.....i think there will be some player shuffling for sure....and some salaries re-aligned....maybe he's going to rock the boat a bit...while trying not to turn the boat over.....goodluck Eric... :roll: :?

I think someone should kill the Austing rumours but quick. He is not, in my opinion, Head Coach material.

Injuries were a factor, certainly, but do you not all think the Argo offence has looked one heck of a lot better since he had the can tied to him? That speaks volumes to me.

wrong greg marshall

I agree 100%.

What exactly are you talking about here? Reduce what?

And what are 4a and 6b, and why would I want the "sheets" for them/it/they/whatever?