Tillman a Bishop Fan?

A couple years ago, just after Kent Austin was relieved of his duties as Argo offensive co-ordinator, Eric was on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown.

I am just going by memory here..but I am positive Tillman referred to Bishop as "Not exactly a 5 Beta Capa"..I assumed he felt Bishop lacked the intelligence to be a CFL QB.

I was surprised when Bishop was dealt to Regina.

I heard Tillman on Sportsnet. Or TSN or some place talking about Austin and Bishop. It was before he hired Austin. Only time I ever heard him say something negative about Austin. He said this. Kent Austin was the smartest qb he ever had on his teams. He said Austin asked Bishop to do to much. Said Austin admitted it to him when they talked. ET said Bishop had a lot of talent but was not near as smart as Austin was as a player. And for Austin to get better as a coach he had to do this. Make game plans for the players to understand. Not for himself.

He said Austin had learned and would be a better coach. Said some friend of his coached Bishop in the NFL and liked Bishops talent. And Bishops attitude. If I remember it right. ET was harder on Austin than Bishop.

I was not surprised by the trade. Tillman was wrong about Crandall. He may not say it. But the trade says it.

Tillman said of DOUG FLUTIE on TSN panel, just as Doug Flutie signed with the Bills in 1998...."He will be back"

It was a negative remark toward Flutie that he would not make the team.

that`s water under the bridge, today he is a Bishop fan and rightly so!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tough to tell if he's a Bishop fan or not. He's not going to trade for Bishop and then tell everyone how terrible he is, but I think he just had more faith in Bishop than he did in Crandell.

One thing for sure..I am a big Eric Tillman fan!!

Go Bishop!!!