Whats up with Tony Tiller being released? Has Wally gone nuts?

The reason Tiller got released was due to the fact they got so much depth at DB. With the addition of Cory Banks to an already good group there simply wasn't room for Tiller anymore. Apparently one of the new guys also beat him out.
Considering who they got penciled in who would you have cut instead??

Because of the signing of Korey Banks, either Ryan Phillips or Tony Tiller would have had to been cut..... Look for Ryan Phillips to develop into an all-star in the CFL and take Mark Washington's role when he retires, as he is only 23 years of age and already an impact player

i would have cut
#42 Knowlton
Man why would they cut ferra and tiller?!?!

Knowltan was just trying out with the team, so he was actually never on the Lions.... I probably would of cut Lamar Glover instead of Tony Tiller as Glover is unproven but is supposedly a good player... We'll have to see.

Well apparently Glover beat out Tiller. And Ferrera was beat out by Aaron Hunt and Whitney Bell . On the field Tiller's spot will be taken by Philips and Banks will be the new starter in there. We will have much improved secondary this year.

In that last Calgary game Aaron Hunt had a huge game . He was on them all game long and part of the reason we killed them so bad in that game . And Bell played the other tackle spot. Between the two of them they put pretty good pressure on Burris.
Ferrera did not generate that much pressure last season , I see this as a real positive for our team . With Hunt in there along with Ty Williams , our D-line should be real a force , something you couldn't really say last year with Ferrera . Sure they were good run stoppers but apart from Brent Johnson there wasn't any real pass rush . Now we may have that.

Good observation pennw. I think we’ll see more QB sacks this season With Hunt and Williams. I really like our defense this year. Only injuries could cause us greif!