tiimmy has to play this upcoming game

he will have a break out performance…i guarantee

Well it's not that simple.

I give Maas one more chance to imrpove to the point that takes in the end zone.

If he can do it, then no Chang.

Otherwise I'd give Chang the second half and maybe the rest of the season.

The poll makes no sense at all. Maybe you could word it a little better..

I almost and I say ALMOST would like to see Chang start if for no other reason that to shut all these stupid "put Chang in" threads from innundating this site.

As much as I'd hate to admit it... because I don't like his playing style... Maas has improved from game 1 to game 5.... let him start, but don't keep him in all game... change the QB during quarters, and during series, too.... don't let the Bombers get complacent with one QB.

But it is easy to form the wording on a poll to get exactly the response you are looking for that way the pollster looks like a genius..........

Give Chang the start,if not for sole reason of shaking things up!!Lets see if he has the potential people say he does. If he doesnt play a good opening half, then start Maas in the second. But at least their taking a chance by starting Chang!!