Tigris Regalis at Nags Game Thread, Sat. July 29, 9:30 pm et

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Calgary Stampeders
Tonight at 9:30PM ET / 6:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN4

Going into McMahon Stadium tonight, the Cats face an uphill struggle to get off the schneid against Calgary on their own field. Unless the club gets off to a good start, there may be witches on the spit by the third quarter. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Good afternoon Russ, thank goodness you are on the ball. The @ticats tweeted today that the game was at THF and the Ticats.ca headline still says that the Ticats are playing the Stamps tomorrow. I was a little confused :lol:

Gotta' love that name.

Dignified? Check.
Proud? Check.
Strong? Check.
Erudite? (Okay... some might not appreciate this but...) Check.

Well played, my friend.

Watching from a cottage so I can always go for a swim to cool down if I heat up over the play -

Anybody hear who the reserves are for either or both teams?

Found Calgay’s scratches on twitter – Richards (OL) and Klassen (DL). Ours ???
I’d guess Scheuerman & Schram.

Kickoff is imminent.

Missed most of the Gangreen game - out for dinner and company but I'm all ready for this one - as long as I can stay awake!

Oskee Wee Wee everyone, lets do this!

you missed a good one with the right outcome. Hopefully we will see another one now.

I did see most of the third quarter but that's about it.

And for those who don't think Ticats have a running game - first three plays so far have been to Gable.

Proulx reffing the game again! Conner needs to keep hands off the receiver and stop Messam! Had that drive stopped except for that penalty Leonard meanwhile is doing a GREAT job.

So far so good!
Leonard with 2 knockdowns on CGY opening drive

And what should have been a two and out is negated by a penalty, crap!

Never mind, no harm done :lol:

Second down and two and they throw the fricking ball...

ARRGGGHHH! Tyms needed to catch that one! Probably should have handed it off to CJ for 2 yards.

That playcall was questionable at best.

Zack is missing receivers on the screen....this could be a long night.

And again, Collaros' feet are moving and his throw is inaccurate...Austin needs to work on getting him to set his feet

Stupid stupid stupid!!!