Tigris Regalis at EEEEEEEEs GT, Fri. August 4, 9:30 pm et

Friday Night Football
Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. Edmonton Eskimos
Tonight at 9:30PM ET / 6:30PM PT on TSN1

Well. How deep a hole can the Cats get out from, if at all. A 0-6 start to the season is facing the club unless a complete reversal of form occurs from last week's steaming pile of an effort. Can Hamilton roll or will the Tabbies roll over? We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


Russ: good to see you made it over here to the new site!

Tonight I am not as worried about losing as I am about how the team responds to last weeks steam-rollering by Calgary.
I hope they can dust themselves off and be competitive for all 4 quarters. That would at least show some improvement after this awful display of football we have seen from our Tiger-Cats since the start of the season. It's not all on the players either. The game planning and play calling has been equally bad.
I have my fingers crossed....

My feeling as well, although a win in Edmonton would be sweet! And if the Esks are as banged up as we have been hearing, a big rebound game might turn the trick.

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 15m15 minutes ago
New #Ticats asst head coach June Jones (right) chats with OC Stef Ptaszek before the game vs. #Esks. #CFL

Would be nice to win one to start the new coach off right and moving in the right direction. ;D

It's not the Coaching now , its more the lack of good offensive players. What we need to win is game is a
career game by Collaros and a return to the house by Banks. They are the only ones on offence that
can make any difference. But it won't happen. Sorry

Kickoff is soon.

Hi Russ, et al. I admit that my standards have dropped as well. I want good effort and a close game at least until half way through the 3rd quarter.

Hi all!

Howdy Sig!

here we go

Collaros avoids getting hit but still a sack. Sigh...

Austin pay attention, that's how a team with injuries plays, they game plan and execute. The D is getting walked over already

Four man pressure on five blockers. Eighteen players on the 6 game list. It's plug and play
for the Shmoes.

Over in Ottawa.... Medlock grabs the WIN for the Peg with zero time on the clock. 33-30

Gable looks like he is ready!

Rogers is Total sh-t why is this loser on our team

Hi folks!

Sure looked like a stop to me. But that was just first down. Could we have done it a couple more times? Guess we'll never know.

Yup and because of that Austin will abandon the run as usual