Tiggers TiCat Collection

I have Cards from 1925 to Present.

I'm looking for more TiCat Memorabilia


PM Me Please

"You clean up your room, young man! Or you can't go out and play with the Judge !!"

Good collection, Tigger. Your only missing a couple of live players held in captivity (or was that Timm Rosenbach hanging in the closet ??)

lol...dude that isnt a collection, thats a shrine!

LOL I Know :thup:

I had a Ticats plastic wall hanging do-hickey collectible as a kid in the 60's - the Tiger head growing out of a football - sadly lost it somehow. Recently got that vertical hanging pennant you have there. Is that a pic of Eskinator and True 42 on the wall? Beauty shrine BTW - awesome!

Wow... I'll bet it takes a long time to dust that lot every week.

Lovely collection... really nice. I'd put it all behind glass though - save the dusting time.