Tiget-Cat fan suffers meltdown.....

My account guy said they arent doing the ugly tickets this year!
nice...welcome to the professional ranks, hamilton..haha

can K.W. confirm this?

It is something we will try this year. If you do have suggestions please feel free to state your ideas.

In order to receive the 'fancy' ticket stock your account MUST be paid in full by the March 17th final balance deadline.

The process to produce this style of ticket does take some time. There are very few places in Canada that produce this style of ticket. We have to design, ship out the order, have the company produce the tickets and then deliver the package out to our season ticket holders.

Two words:

Smirnoff Ice.

He said at the beginning that he wanted to go to the game, but they wouldn't give him the time off work, obviously had to travel or he worked nights. Poor guy wanted to at least get some fun from the tix, so cut him some slack!