Tiget-Cat fan suffers meltdown.....

Anyone know this guy?..

this is very strange stuff… :lol:



This is Hamilton.

He didnt seem all that upset. Must have been freebies.

The whole display was pointless..

you snooze you lose, roadapple.

If that was the B.C. game tickets he burned, I am jealous.

He had more fun burning the tickets than going to that game!!

i bet he missed a game that the ticats won, and it drove him to insanity....cuz those wins only come 2ice a year..lol

We need asbestos tickets.

An Argo fan

or, he was so disgusted with the ugly look of his season tickets, he decided to burn them..haha

or, he was so disgusted with the ugly look of his season tickets, he decided to burn them..haha
My account guy said they arent doing the ugly tickets this year!

nice...welcome to the professional ranks, hamilton..haha

can K.W. confirm this?

Wow this must be off season!!!

Please just let training camp start or it could have been a Fraudian slip because when he saw the collective experience of our coaching guys he PANICED !!!

thaks for wasting four minutes of my life I will never get back.

Missing a game is the least of this melonheads' worries, check his other contributions.
Filming a senior citizens center through the window just comes across as a bit disturbed, hopefully there's a star trek convention coming soon so he can get out of the apartment for the day.

LOL I think he burnt the wrong tickets!He meant to burn his bulldogs tickets!The ticats are better off without him anyway!

This guy had his swing set way too close to the house.

I just spoke with my sales exec. and he confirmed that we will be getting the commemorative stock tickets with the pictures on them…any thoughts on what the pics might be. I think it should be something showing our teams history. At least for this season!!


hmm....pics of different grey cup winning ticat teams hoisting the cup?

I'd guess that he burned a pair of unused tickets from last season.

What a tool this guy is. I guess brokeback mountain was premering that night. Touph choice but he had to make one.

what a knob. It amazes me what some people will do for a little attention.