Tigervision Videos

Is there a way to view the video's that are shown on the Tigervision screen?
The Sesame Street number 12 video was hilarious last night.

Ticats Tv has all of 'em.

Look up under Multi-media.

Are you sure? I've looked in every tab I could see within Ticats TV, and only a small handful of the in-game videos are posted there. Do you have a direct link to the video the other poster requested?

Id love to see it too. it was classic. i dont think its there right now

Found it there.

Here is the link.


The one I'm looking for is a Sesame Street style spoof on the fact the Riders can't, and it appeared on Saturday they still can't count to 12, as in 12 men on the field.
It's probably not posted yet

Did you do that on purpose?? lol I HATE that video and I spent all day yesterday humming that.

That one was really funny. We were all laughing and singing along with that one.

And, I echo Banshee's point! I'm still singing that damn Muhna Muhna tune -- though it makes me laugh too.

It was great. I have to say I have used that too many men penalty to the fullest lol.

Funny story about that game. On our way to the stadium we happened to come across two Rider fans who had their faces all painted up. They asked us which bus to take so we told them to take the bus we were taking. There were a few little kids on the bus. One of them was crying saying "why are they all white? they are ghostes mommy" the other one first called the one guy MIckey Mouse. Then she started to get scared and said they looked icky. We all told them to get off the bus because they were scaring the children and the mother said to the guys "look what you've done. you made her cry" lol it was hilarious. They were good guys though so it was all in fun.

3 genius ones are the "12" count, the ma-na-na-nah video, and the one they did a few weeks ago where they used Stripes in Return of the Jedi. Being a ticat and Star Wars geek and pretty tipsy by that point, I totally lost my mind. Thanks for the link to the ma-na-na-nah one love to find the other 2. Although I'm guessing the Star Wars one may get Lucasfilm a tad riled up if posted.