Tigervision scoreboard.........did you like the new style?

I did.

I liked the score and other info on the bottom of the screen (perhaps it could be a tad larger, but it still enabled us to see a bigger replay screen which was cool)

.....one mistake the sound guys did was put celebratory music across the sound system when the Argos got their touchdown....that's a no-no in these parts! (we'll forgive that gaff once..lol)


From the other end of the stadium many people cant read it. I have pretty good eyes and I could make it out. Most people around me were asking the score, down, etc followed by “You expect me to read that?”

As much as the widescreen idea is nice, the scoreboard “Band” isnt practical and I would like to see it back the old way.

I agree with Crash, my first thought of it was, first the website, now the scoreboard. It was hard to read and too small, it was much better the way it was before.

I like the new scoreboard as your can more of the plays. I think that if you want to see the score or game time and things like that then turn your head towards the east end zone. When you put that much money into a scoreboard you should use it to its full potential

I like the board but agree with Mikey that the stats on the bottom should be a little bigger, especially for the people in the east end zone.

I like it much better at the bottom like that.

Tough on those people sitting in the endzone isnt it?

Putting the score at the bottom is absolutely the WRONG idea with a screen ratio that is 2.35:1 . Not only are they not using 16:9 cameras, but now they're making the geometry of the video image even worse by shortning the hieght of the image.
Didn't anybody notice how short and fat everyone looked?
The scores have to go back to the original position and make the graphics work from there.

Oh yea , and buy some HD cameras to go along with the million dollar screen.

Maybe for some people but I didn't have a problem last night

section 25. i couldn't read it

I like the concept of having the score on the bottom, but for amount that the pic is now being distorte, it is not worth it. And as for the issue of seeing moer of the play, there were a number of times that the part of the play (a catch, hit or potential penalty) was cut off.
I appreciate the attempt to try somethign new, and after all it is pre-season, even the guys who run the board need a chance to try some stuff.
Here are my suggestions for future games:
-return to the vertical culumn with the game info, but maybe add some stats (total offence, run yars, pass yards, players game stats)
-not sure why, but a number of times we were on down #7 or #0. Is if possible to have the correct down listed for remainign games. (This must really mess with the guys from the NFL)
-Along with the down, we were still in the 2nd quarter, when we started the 3rd.
I you you can look around, and should know the last 2, but it looks more pro if we can get these things right.

I sit a in the East end of IW and had a tough time reading it,but I don't want to read it ,I'd rather see a full Dofascovision screen of replays etc than a partial....my $.02 :wink:

Working in video for 7 years i was actually thinking about the ratio last night but wasnt sure if it was just me.

When they cut the screen like they did last year it gave a more true 16:9 wide image, making it look sharper.

Good Post.

PS. I thought some of the cameras were HD?

I too didn't care for the picture distortion as a result of the changes. I could read the information ok but prefer last years format. Funny though, since they replaced the old east-end scoreboard I look at it for the scores and downs etc. Automatically turn left. I guess the habits of 35yrs plus die hard.

Wow!..35 years?..you're old!!!!

wait a sec....I've been a fan since around 1971 or so......anyone got a calculator?

I take that back! :oops:

Calculator, hate that new fangled stuff. I still use an Abacus :lol:

i like the new scorboard, way better u can see everything so much better, i give it two thumbs up, looks nicer.

I was almost sitting right under it and I had a hard time reading it. I didn't even notice where the score was at first. I can only imagine how hard it was to read for people in the endzone or in the section 23 area.

I guessed the shell game wrong, so somthing must be off with the scoreboard!

That little bartender is pretty tricky!!

I didn't mind the info along the bottom but I also noticed the "funny" downs at times... 4th, 5th ,6th, 7th down? I thought with NFLer R Williams playing for the Argos we were now combining CFL and NFL downs... 3 + 4 =7 !!!

I also didn't like the video image distortion. Like trying to force fit a standard 4:3 video format into a wide 16:9 (even wider?) screen format. If you're going to go wide screen, creat/edit wide screen... don't force standard because IMO, it looks terrible.

But poor Jason, his appearance on screen with the widened, distorted image made his ears look even BIGGER :slight_smile:

(IMO, It also lessened/ruined the tribute to Travis Claridge. Why was the sound so bad/distorted ? (at least it was from my seat in Box C.))