Tigervision/Public Address

Gameday Experience

We finally got to see most of the official’s calls on the big screen. It was difficult to hear many of the calls (feedback and distortion aside) over the constant barrage of music. Wouldn’t it make sense to turn the music off while the official (or the P.A. announcer) is talking?

Time was, music was played only when there was a substantial stoppage in play (e.g.. TV time-outs). Why play a constant stream of 5 to 15 second bites of music anyway?

If I wanted to watch TV commercials on a big screen I’d stay home and watch the game on TSN. You can choose to buy $8 beers but it’s hard to ignore high decibel IKEA adds. I don’t buy a Season’s Ticket to be a “target audience.?

Agreed, the snippets of music can be annoying and should not overrun the officials' calls - but if you understand the hand signals it's immaterial.

As for being a target audience, that's part of the package - the team cannot run solely on ticket sales - corporate sponsorship is where it's at, and those that sponsor a team do so specifically for that target audience. A necessary evil. If more corporate sponsors signed on and contributed, perhaps the price of beer and other concessions could be reduced. Personally I'd put up with being a target audience for a more affordable evening!