I submit that Teenage Head should play at said event should it be held in the MTL this year. The '07 TigerTown was enjoyed by all.

Thank you.

I have no idea what you are talking about, so I guess I will just disagree on principle.

There had to be at least one person who didnt enjoy it. There always is.

I would love to see Teenage Head return.

They are Hamilton and know how to have a good time.

Great show in '07!

BTO ...

Tom Wilson

Teenage Head has already confirmed Grey Cup 08. Best Hamilton band ever!

Do they even still perform together?


BTO is not from Hamilton.

Tom Wilson, Teenage Head, The Marble Index, The Spades, The Breakup Letter, The Forgotten Rebels and even Brian Melo are from Hamilton. We need to represent our community. Why bring in people from Manitoba to play for the Tigertown party?

What about Lighthouse? Skip Prokop was the leader and a Hamilton lad.

The Cult.

For the Hamilton content anyway.

Not with Randy Bachman, as I understand the rift between he and his brother Robbie is chasm-like...Randy left the band for good in the early nineties as I recall.

According to Wikipedia, they haven't performed live in any configuration since 2004.


Oski Wee Ain't Seen Nothing Yet,

Teenage Head was outstanding at TigerTown and it’s great to hear they are playing the next one.

For good Hamilton music talent, check out Steve Strongman. He opened for Buddy Guy at Hamilton Place a few weeks ago.

How about Finger Eleven, I think they're from Burlington. :wink:

Then Why not Reform for Tigertown
if not this season 2009