I was the last guy out of TigerTown last night... around 12:00am.... it was just me and about 6 of Toronto's Finest!

The place was dead!

Here's hoping it picks up tonight 'cuz somebody spent an "ARGOLoad" of $$$ on it and it is absolutely FIRST RATE!

Sometimes I'm a bit of a cynic about the way this league handles marketing, merchandising, etc.... but I was very impressed, proud even, of our team's presentation!!!

Way to go! Whomever is responsible needs a raise!

Hear that Bob? Give yourself a raise... lol

… and it didn’t hurt that I found out that Jesse Lumsden’s a really nice guy!

And, in the room, there’s a frickin’ bus! Show up; you’ll see what I mean!

I've been to Tigertown every day so far and have enjoyed the experience such as the Cheerleading shows (Edmonton's cheerleading squad is the most exciting to watch), the bands (Sask pep rally band was fun to watch on Thurs night). I'll be heading back to TigerTown today.

Ok UB40, I was the last one out of TigerTown last night... 2:30am and much like you, just me and 6 of Toronto's finest!

Tom Wilson was absolutely awesome last night and his good friend Colin Linden is one of the best guitar players around.

Tom played for over two hours to a packed house and he was telling a whack of stories about Hamilton. He was so into it that he played "Out of my head", which he seldom plays anymore, and he played "Shine" twice!

Teenage Head tonight!

See you there!


I can't be Bothered Going into Hogtown.
Traffic Parking and I hate the go Train Service
As it is not convenient.
The last Train leaves before 1 Am
who leaves a Party before 1 am.

Yes I know Tigertown closes at 12.
But when you want to party
you'll another spot till at least 2am
But then have no Ride home.

The only thing exciting in Tiger Town was when the Saskatchewan Pep Band was there.
If it wasn't for the Rider fans it would have been one dead party all over.
Argo fans are mad because we didn't win last week. Bomber fans don't seem very happy, I don't know why, maybe it was because the Rider fans were having so much fun. The Tiger Cats fans are mad all the time anyway. Met some BC, Calgary and Edmonton fans who were good guys.

TigerTown is open until 2am.

Teenage Head tonight.

See you there!

teenage head are pretty much the best band to come out of hamilton, im was glad to see em get the nod for tiger town, wish i could go.

Good god - any more excuses you can think of. No offence but it sounds like the Grey Cup celebrants are better off without you raining on their parade tonight.

Teenage Head were absolutely fantastic last night!

They totally rocked as did Tom Wilson on Friday and Tomi Swick on Thursday.

Thanks to all the great fans that came out.



Great time at Tiger Town Friday and Saturday nights, Tom Wilson and the boys and Teenage Head were great. First rate all the way, thanks TiCats for doing this, super!! Although on Friday night the wife and me were standing at a table and I went to get a beer and came back and some guy in a leather jacket in "pick-up mode" was hitting on my wife. Although he told me he was just trying to keep Ken Peters away from her who was standing on our left along with Steve Milton. Too funny but the guy was fine. Ken Peters, man can that guy ever dance or what. 8)
And then he gets on stage at the Great Big Sea concert Saturday night for the bikini contest as a judge. Lucky guy there Ken.

Went on Saturday night and it was packed and rocking pretty good as much as I can see!

What a fantastic set-up! SOOO much better than in Winnipeg! I had a great time!

There was still the issue of not enough bartenders but that was the MTCC's problem, it was the same throughout all the rooms. And the Cats Staff managed to pick up the MTCC fumble by pulling out the Ivor Wynne process of the pre-pour so the bartender is merely handing out the beer. Good job!