Tigertown video from the Kick-off bash

Any chance this is or will be posted on the site??

I sure hope so. I was blown away by that. The best 5 minutes of marketing the CFL has ever done.

I'd also like to see this video. Btw i think its called "This is our Game" (CFL Promotional Video)

I hope someone puts it on Youtube for the world to see. Have you noticed that CFL highlights are occasionally featured on Youtube? Someoen's doing their job.

An Argo-Cat fan

There were two videos at the State of the Franchise night.

“This is our Game” was the lead-off. It had the league point-of-view covering many years of the CFL including John Candy illustrating ‘love’ of the CFL and the great shot of a car load of fans lurching into the fans in front. That got a chuckle… It included flamethrowers and watermelons of course.

The TigerTown video was even better. I especially liked taking the trip down the Gardiner so that an Argo could meet a few Ticats.

I hope to see both of them again on the Tigervision at IWS. TigerTown makes a lot more sense after seeing that second video…

In that case i'd like to see both! :stuck_out_tongue: