Tigertown Unite!

Okay, I know this is nitpicky and I'm assuming they didn't mean F-14s are gonna' be buzzing Ivor Wynne! Seeing as how they have all been decommissioned by the U.S. Navy!!!

But who knows? Maybe Tom Cruise is gonna' reprise his "Maverick" character and show up for the game! And Martin Short is gonna' be "Goose"!

And what's the illusionist gonna' do for a trick? I'm guessing he will magically make Ivor Wynne move downtown where it oughta' be!

Any other suggestions for the big trick?

Who's this Martin Short? A returner?

The F-14 type-o jumped out at me too. Maybe it's not a type-o and the Canadian Warplane Museum bought a couple? Or...could the Americans be invading?

Nope.. I'm pretty sure they mean F-14s.. This is a display by the warplane heritage museum... as you stated, the US Navy has decommisioned the tomcats, perhaps the whm purchased a couple of them. It would make a lot of sense.

He could make the other team disappear. :wink:

Our offense would still have at least 3 offside plays negating big plays unfortunately.


we would still go 2 and out every other posession too :slight_smile:

i think he will make a scary lion/tiger to appear david copperfield style. either that or the old saw a lady in half trick.

How about the empty seats disappear. :smiley:

It now says F-18’s …just so we can be happily Canadian.

darn it… I was stoked at the thought of seeing F-14s. Ah well… the F-18s are still super cool zoomies!!!

In Canada we fly CF-18's, not F-18's. Remember the three that flew down from Northern Quebec last July 7 before the Argo game? The vertical climb from centre field on the second pass rattled old IWS. Catieag caught a photo in her July 7th album. I know I sure miss digital photos like that when they fly by so fast! Great shot.

I am still addicted to the TV series (called Jetstream) about the very few who make the cut to fly the CF-18 after months of training. It ran on Discovery Channel. The boxed DVD set of the series is being released at the end of June. As we get ready for this week's cuts, this series reminds me of the tough decisions teams need to make. My hat is off to all the players in this years training camp.

From the Jetstream web-site:

"The F/A-18 was officially renamed the CF-188, but throughout the Canadian military it is generally referred to as the CF-18 Hornet.

It is Canada's first fighter aircraft to enter real combat since the Second World War.

The Hornet's lifespan is expected to last until 2017-2020, when it will be replaced by the F-35 Lightning"

The fleet was procured from 1982 to 1988. Current strength is 80 in operational use at a cost of $35 Million each.

Actual Allocation:
3 Wing CFB Bagotville Quebec and 4 WIng CFB Cold Lake Alberta. There are normally a few aircraft at CFB Trenton, though not as a permanent squadron."

My understanding is that last July 7th the three flew down from CFB Bagotville, flew past Ivor Wynne Stadium and flew directly back to Bagotville. They didn't even see the game, or phone in to the fifth quarter.

Needless to say I will get to the June 26th game early so as to see the fly past!

Oskee wee wee