TigerTown Store This Morning!

Just wanted to come on here and say that it was great to see the turnout of fans this morning at the store to purchase playoff tickets! There was a line up throughout the store! They even opened up early to start selling tickets!
I believe this will be a sell out in no time!
Bring the noise on Sunday! We the fans, the team and also Bob Young deserves this!
Oskee Wee Wee! :thup:

I saw a line forming outside when I walked past on my way to work at 8:45AM. It was great.

Trust me to get sick on the morning for getting tickets..... :x :frowning:

Amazing. My mom and sister went to pickup tickets for a couple of my friends and my dad and they found this huge lineup and were sort of inspired to also buy tickets for themselves. Gunna be an awesome game :smiley:

That sucks. Call the office.

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Blowing the Roof off the Dump …
I think where going to do it

Gotta say, I'm pleasantly suprise, and even more pumped up with the response from the fans. I'm kind of waiting to hear back from the ultra busy account reps!! Waiting...ugggh so painful, yet so pumped!!!

GOT 'EM!!!!!! Right fired up now!
Once again, more kudos to our Ticats account reps -- even under swamped circumstances (and, my pestering) the friendliest most helpful ticket managers in all of pro sports!!

Congrats man! I would've been saddened if you didn't get the Tickets, you sounded like you really wanted to go. Let the Lions feel the thunderous roar of the crowd when their O is on the field. GO CATS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

Was the line longer or shorter than the line at the H1N1 vaccine clinic? :smiley:

It was deffiently shorter but that may be because the fans aren't worried about shortage of tickets considering there is more seats/tickets to offer us than there was vaccinations!

it won't be a sell-out, too tough to sell all those tickets in one week,

5,000 tickets were sold today, and there was a larger rush to get the today because it was the first day.

Please don't forget the season ticket holders who purchased them in the past weeks. Also, a lot of season ticket holders have purchased extra tickets.

First off where did you get that number?
and there is no chance that this game wont sell out. People who never talk cfl or ticats are pumped about this game and buying tickets in big groups.

On CH they mentioned that they'd already sold somewhere in the area of 12,000 tickets.

Pretty impressive for one day after the game was made official!!
Wonder if the pace has kept up today. Anyone been down there this morning?

Awfully nice to see this kind of buzz around the team.

I think the pace will slow down, but i know there are still a ton of people that plan on heading down there and calling in orders today.