TigerTown Schedule

Hello all in the organization! Was hoping someone could post the TigerTown schedule of events on here somewhere. The Cup site only has a general type description, and considering possible conflicts with work (argh) and the other hospitality suites, a more detailed schedule would be appreciated.

Thank you, and see you all there.

I cant go to tigertown

not old enough:(

my dad is pretty mad about that

cuz now he cant go either

people drink at restaurants and stuff, so why can i go to them?

its pretty stupid, considering i have been a long time ticat fan also. (i've had season tickets for 10 years now and i am only 14 years old)

forgive my ignorance but what's tigertown?

I would compare TigerTown (and pretty much all of the GC festivals) as bars and not a resturant. Sorry but its nothing new.

is tiger town 19+ ???

Where is Tiger Town, Convention Centre? Would like to drop in after the Vanier Friday night.

Grey Cup 2007

Thanks Ron.

Hey everyone,

I'll give you the quick update on TigerTown. The full release will be out later today as well.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have 25,000 sq. ft. of prime party space (this is half the size of a football field!) located in the heart of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre - Hall G, 800 level, South Building. The MTCC is also the home base for the Grey Cup Festival, Riderville, the Atlantic Schooner party and many more.

We will be open from 6pm until 2am on Thursday and noon until 2am Friday and Saturday. From what I hear from the convention centre (the ones that hold the liquor license) admittance is restricted to those 19 and over after 5pm but is open to all ages before that time.

As for TigerTown, it has a distinctly Hamilton feel to it. The entrance way is adorned with a whole bunch of displays commemorating Hamilton football, from the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

The bands are all from Hamilton with Tomi Swick headlining Thursday, Tom Wilson & Friends on Friday and Teenage Head on Saturday. Life of Riley will open for each of these bands, Danger Dan the DJ (who did an awesome job last year)will spin tunes, the Oskee Wheeler (our customized RV) will drive right in and there will be lots of appearances by different cheerleading teams, players, and pep/marching bands throughout the three days.

We will also have CHML/Y108 doing shows from there as well as a ton of great deals on Tiger-Cats merchandise.

Admission is free until 5pm each day. After that it is $10 to get in. Of course, if you were a season ticket holder this year, you got a three day free admission pass with your season ticket.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Thanks for the details Mark. That's great!

No conflict with "Release the Curse" night Wednesday night at the Horseshoe tavern!

Love the Horseshoe! I might just see you there on Wednesday!



Holy crap, I just spilled my beer.

Teenage Head at Cup? A perfect pairing. They'll blow the lid off of the joint.

Wilson is amazing as well....

I have a question I hope someone can answer. In my seasons tickets package this year, I got a "Tiger-Town Pass", that says it gives me access to events at the Metro Convention Centre. Does anyone know anymore details about this? What does it specifically include? Just the few exhibits in there? Concerts?

I would suggest you read a couple posts above.

This Release the Forbidden Curse Grey Cup Kick Off party is shaping up to be "the place" to be on the Wednesday night of Grey Cup week.

It will be fun fun fun! And for a good cause...releasing the Cats from the Curse.

right by where I am staying"The Royal York"

I would suggest you read a couple posts above
I'm sorry...where? Can't find anything?

Right here.

Thanks Schecky, that was pretty well what I was looking for.

just wondering if anyone knows what time the bands will be playing at? just trying to base the partying schedule around that!