tigertown drive thru

are they promoting this at all? i don't listin to y 108 or chml and i only read the spec online so i wouldn't know. but i think its a really good deal you save $10 on your ticket, get a free hat (has to be worth at least $15) and a coffee. I hope they get a good turnout.

There's aleady a thread about this. It's a sticky and has been up for a while.

They've been advertising all the time on Y108.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you can't you save $10 on your ticket buy buying a coffee at any point, and bringing the cup with the coupon printed on the side to the box office to buy a ticket? Or is that some kind of different promotion?

Nice promo! Now, how about a free hat for all of us suckers who bought or renewed our season tickets at the new, inflated, unjustified price that Scott Mitchell never mentions any more? Oh, wait! I get it! The Drive-Through is to get back all the former season-ticketholders who bolted when The Great Scott kicked the prices up! Ah, so!

Uh...this is sponsored by Tim Hortons and the radio station.

How about being grateful to them.

Grateful! Yes, I am grateful. Thanks, Tim! Thanks, Corus! Now: where is my free hat, since I paid for it with the greedy price increase?

8) If you feel so bitter about the price increase, why in the world did you renew or purchase season tickets at all ?????????
Doesn't make much sense to me.          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Obviously, you fail to understand. I acknowledge your failure.

You expect Tim Hortons to buy you a hat, BatlCat,

because the Ticats increase their season's ticket prices.

Now I don't understand. Why should they do that?

Want a free hat?

Go to the tigertown drive through and PAY for it.

Get this straight.


Nobody owes you anything. Quit being so selfish. What's so special about you that the world and Bob Young are indebted to you?

Geez people, layoff this is a fair statement. batcat as many other long time season ticket holders feel the same. yes they owe us nothing but hey that is a great attitude in running a buisiness. Year after year it seems that the Cats put on promotions to get new fans in but miss on the season ticket holders (yes, I will admit we did get traditions gifts in the past). Look at it this way. If you frequent a resataraunt every Sunday for dinner and you have went there for several years,paying full price for meals and enjoy it and the restaraunt then has a few new customers in at which point give them a few free dinners but raises their prices for you to pay to compensate - How would you feel...


As a season ticket holder you get a deal for the ENTIRE season.

This tigertown promotion is for ONE GAME.

I'm a season ticket holder. I have no problems with it whatsoever. If it gets more bums in the seats for ONE GAME, then great!

"Ladies and gentlemen ... greed,

for lack of a better word, is good,"

Gordon Gekko, 1987 movie "Wall Street"

Bad analogy.

Here's a better one.

If you pay in advance to have regular Sunday dinner, the restaurant gives you a discount and the same guaranteed spot every Sunday.

ONE Sunday TIM HORTONS (and not the restaurant) run a promotion for a cheap dinner to help get new customers for the restaurant. First come first serve, nothing guaranteed.

No one owes anyone any compensation. You pay for what you get.

Instead of asking for something for yourself, be grateful Tim Horton's and Y108/900CHML are doing their part to help sponsor the team.

Clarence Rutherford lives. Happy and grateful, that's us! Just gimme my hat!

I thought this was a good initiative, no matter who you are -- casual fan or STH.

More fans at the stadium makes it a better experience for everyone. Sounds like they'll be over 20k sold, again. Not too shabby. Not great, but solid.

Go down to the tigertown drive through and ask for a free hat.

Might as well ask for a free coffee too.

How about a car wash?

Oil change and tune up?

Attitude adjustment?

I would like to point out that by buying the tickets (whether new or renewed), you justified the price increase. Things are priced at what the market can bear. Apparently, it can bear it from you.

AND you bought them without the promise of a free hat...so shut up about that.

BTW, the unjustified comment is just plain wrong.

The prices are right in line with the rest of the league.

And mycko75 is bang on. Anyone purchasing them, justifies them personally.