Tigertown - Brantford

Just got back from Boston Pizza and wanted to thank all of the Tiger Cats staff & players for driving down the 403 to visit us. Obie was great to talk to, he was very approachable and personable. He told me that he told his staff before the draft that they had a good chance to get the players they wanted (i.e Barker & Guigure) as the other teams were going to load up on O-lineman which is a strength for this team. My kids loved Stripes as well as Marwan and Cedric. Didn't get to talk to Barker or Bauman but Chris Bauman sure looks a lot bigger than he did last year.

These types of events along with the rookie camps that the team is holding in Brantford will certainly go a long way in establishing new fans in neighbouring cities like Brantford, St. Catharines, etc. Well done Tiger Cats!

I had a great time there too. I was even gently persuaded to turn in my flex pack for this year and replace it with seasons tickets. Who can turn down Marwan Hage? I don't think I'll regret that.

The vegetarian pizza was really nice too.

theres a rookie camp in b.ford? when? where?

When: July 14-18 & Jul 28- Aug 1.
Where: Gretzky Sports Centre.

Only for minor football aged players 6-14 years old.