tigertown at grey cup

as this season concludes and we realize the next game of any import we will be attending is nov.19 in the peg let,s have some info on this years cup party. we hope it's better than last years effort.

lol, it got cancelled after the schedule went out. i am looking forward to attending this year

I am going to be at the Grey Cup.

DETAILS known so far...

"TIGERTOWN" (formerly known as Tigers Lair) :wink:
Convention Centre - 375 York St. Winnipeg
Thursday, Friday and Saturday :thup:
7pm - 2am
also... Sunday noon to 4pm!

I would sure like to know where you got that info. pat_cat :o

Its on the Grey Cup site as part of the schedule of events.

Just as Crash said, but here's the link.

It has nothing to do with The Tigers Lair.
Tigertown is being run by The Hamilton Tiger Cats.
I hope everyone comes out and has a great time. pat_cat

I pray that this is going to be good. At least it's not being held in the Legion again!!!! :lol: