TigerTown 08 / East vs West Bash - Review

Having just came back from Grey Cup 08 in Montreal. I just wanted to provide some feedback on the Tiger Town showing in 08.

– Great building with actual 2 halls, one with the live band and another hall in which you can actually talk to people
– Little to no wait time for drinks.
– Entrainment was good with Life of Riley, Tom Wilson and Teenage Head. But basically it was the same lineup from the last Grey Cup.
– Wasn’t too packed and crazy. (But see con for reason)
– Lots of Ticat Personal seen on Friday (Obie, Marcel and others)

– Charging $10 to get in
– Having crazy in and out rules
– Not only did they charge people $10 to get in, but had the HIGHEST drink prices for any Grey Cup event. $7 a drink with no “package” pricing like the Spirit and some other places.

All and all is was a good showing and give it a B rating. But if it wasn’t for the $10 entrance fee, I bet the place would have been the happening event of the weekend like it was in 07.

I was there both Friday and Saturday...Spirit of Edmonton on Thursday night.

7 bucks for a drink was standard fare at every venue I was at. A full bottle or can for 7 bucks...no complaint here, after having experienced some of the local watering holes prices which are much higher. (plus taxes and tip)

Over-all, I give it a B plus...would like to see it happen again as a East-West venue.

You could get a pass to go for a smoke.

I think once you paid your $10.00 to get in they may need to look at re-entry passes for those that want to leave for a few hours. (If you arrived at noon on Saturday, it makes for a long day of standing around and no food other than the hotdogs, waiting for Teenage Head @ 9:30pm)

Some chairs lining the outside walls would be nice too.

I'm sure they will look at it and make the necessary changes.

Pigskin Pete did an awesome job as our DJ...It's a shame he was stuck there all the time. I'm surprised he even has a voice left.

The entertainment was almost non-stop and everyone seemed to be having a good time. :thup:

Just for comparison. Spirit was $6 for one and $40 for 8 drink passes and was free to get in.

But woody you would agree if there wasn’t a $10 fee to get in, then you probably would have given the event an A for sure.

Oh ya, forgot that our Pigskin Pete DJ did an excellent job on MCing and DJing the event. A+++ for him and the rest of the Ticat staff in attendance. They did an excellent job and represented Hamilton well!

Washrooms were a problem again :thdn:

Spirit was $7.00 for one. I never even saw the $40.00 for 8...not that it mattered as I only had 2 there.

I don't really have a problem with the $10.00 entrance fee. "Spirit" had more drunk problems than the venues that charged like "Manitoba" and "Lion's Den".

One thing I did miss this year was the "Schooner's Down East Party." A bunch of them were staying at our hotel...great guys..."the economy" was just too much for them to put it on this year...but possibly in Calgary 2009 :thup:

The sticky floor was hilarious.

Good meeting you Woody and Sandy

Those lounge passes were great...thanks guys (you know who you are).

BTW..I was playing the drums Friday night after half the people left.

Called it quits after Teenage Head Beer Drinking Party Sat night. Tom did a classy job and by far the best entertainment package again this year.

Good times.

Sat night it was nice to see HAGE and Andriano BELI walking around in the crowd and mixing with the fans before they went up to the area that a special pass was needed to go in to. Did not see anyother players do that. I only stayed until about the 6th Teenage Head Song which was longer than P-Rod stayed there. Jesse was up top with his arm in the sling, can understand why he would not walk around in the crowd, take care of that arm Jesse.

Wished more ticats would have interacted with the fans.

Was not aware of any Roughriders being there.

Hi Guys,

Thanks For coming out to the East Meets Wes Bash!

Now there are few people who enjoy a beer as much as me and it always ticks me off when I have to pay to go in to a place to party.

However, the economic reality of putting on that event was that it cost a lot to do. From renting the halls, hiring the bands, paying for security and clean up, staging and lighting... it all adds up to some big numbers. The only way we could feasibly pull this off is by charging the cover fee.

We were at capacity each night from 7pm until about 1am, so I don't think attendance suffered from charging to get in.

Anyway, I appreciate the feedback because we'll use it to try and keep making our Grey Cup events better and better.



Just got back from Montreal today. Great time at the party even with a few minor complaints. So great to meet fellow fans and looking forward to seeing you all again in Calgary.

The free concerts at the Village were great, beer was under $6.00 there, we spent Thurs, Frid and Sat nights there as the groups were super, it was free which I couldn’t believe for the quality of the bands, and then headed over to the Spirit of Edmonton which we couldn’t get into because of the lineups but got into TT and Riderville on Sat night. Ok, $10 didn’t like that but no big deal, just went in and had a couple beers and danced to the DJ at Riderville since TAH and Tom Wilson were finished.

Hey All I just wanted to thank everyone for coming out and saying hi to me at East Meets West bash!! this is easier to write because yes I still have no voice!! but it's ok was well worth it. Thanks to Mark Bowden for having me there and yes The Life of Riely was great and so was Tom Wilson and Teenage Head. I want to thank Phil Samek of Adso communications for setting up my sound and the equipment great as always. I have to say all the fans were great the rider fans were something else, I found out a funny thing there were a lot of Dad's there with there daughters, I spoke to one of them and they said it was there 13th grey cup, that is cool. Oh and Two for the Show were great and funny too if you ever can take them in I'd suggest it. I did see some rider's there Eric Tillman was there on friday for a long time, and Wes Cates and Micheal Palmer were there till the end on Sat. I had such a fun time and hope to be the MC/DJ for the next 20 years. One highlite was when the Winnepeg Police Pipe and Drum Band were in our room they had played about 3 songs and did Amazing Grace, we hand a lifesize poster of Ronnie hanging and I on the spur of the moment I asked everyone to raise a glass to all who have passed on this year and especially Ronnie, everyone turned to the poster and raised a glass it gave me goose bumps and a lot of others as well. For me this is a dream to be a part of something I love so much and am very passioniate about cant wait till were there soon!! Thanks to all who came out and thanks to all who helped me this weekend, From the security guys to all the staff of the ti-cats and Adso and of course Dave Marlor and Bob Krouse and his lovely wife what great people love the candle joke LMAO!! and the rider staff all were great and thanks to Mark again......one more time lest go OSKEE WEE WEE OSKEE WAA WAA HOLY MACKINAW TIGERS EAT EM RAW......YAY.....that didn't hurt the throat!! have a great off season everyone look forward to getting loud next year and being on the field in Calgary for the cup!! go cats!!

I managed to make it out to the East/West bash on Friday night and had a great time. I do not usually like to pay to get in to anything but I did not mind so much. It was a great atmosphere, my friend and I managed to get some great pictures, including one with Bob Young. The one thing I am disappointed in myself was when the Riders pep band was playing I could not remember our pep song as it is never played anymore.
I am already looking forward to next year. Oskee Wee Wee.

More and more the Grey Cup party atmosphere will be about free or close to free great bands from Thurs to Sat in a tent-village type atmosphere. This is the way it's going and I like that, I want to dance and the bands will need to rock and roll. In fact, why not take TT and Riderville and make a tent of their own, other teams as well to chip in money wise, and go get a Sam Roberts or Matt Mays and party hardy, Nickelback, Theory, Mobile, David Usher, Stills, Hip, Stabilo, etc some up and coming young groups who can bring it. Love TAH and Tom Wilson but me thinks they can't do this every year and the stakes for GC entertainment are going to get higher. I know, there needs to be a place for people to chat quietly but frankly, that's not for me when I'm paying big bucks to travel and stay in a hotel and pay for meals. I want excellent music and dancing.

The groups at the Village Thurs - Sat brought it. They were friggin good stuff from Quebec. It was happening.

And I don't mean to exclude guys like Bryan Adams, Tom Cochrane, Rush etc. from possibilities of village concerts, not at all. I just can't name everybody. I loved Great Big Sea and Hinder at the '07 GC in Toronto, excellent. I'm just saying Thurs-Sat nights need to be a happening village GC atmosphere, good rock and roll associated with the GC. The stakes are going to get higher I think in this area to get people to travel for the game if they don't know if their team will be in it. That's all I'm saying.

I was at the East meets West bash on Fri and had a good time. I had no qualms about paying for the tickets (I had tickets for Sat but didn’t go) but was a little dismayed with the 7$ price tag for a beer.

If anyone has any pics from the event, please post them!

Did you happen to catch the U2 cover band in the village on Saturday night? They rocked the place!!!


For those who missed it at Tigertown (or who want to see it again):