Tigers or Leafs?

Yes, I know this is a football forum. But we do have a thread on the Coyote circus. Maybe I should be asking this there instead of making a new thread. Excuse me for this. But I have a question that I would like to ask you.

If Hamilton gets a NHL team, whether it is in the near or far future (I hope near!) if you are a Toronto Maple Leaf fan will you switch allegience from the Leafs to the Hamilton Tigers? ( have not a clue what they would be called but some have suggested Tigers would be a good one.)

Or you could be a fan of another NHL team. Would you switch?

Also...would you support the Hamilton NHL team at the expense of the Tiger-Cats? Would your loyalty and money stay with the Tiger-Cats? If you had to choose a team to sink your hard earned money into who would get it?

By the way, anyone a Bulldogs' fan? What's it like at the Copps? I imagine that the "connection and community" to the team is not the same as at Ivor Wynne, right? Anyway, I plan on checking out those Bulldogs soon myself in the Hammer this season.

Excuse me for putting up another hockey thread here but I was wondering about this stuff today.

Thanks for any comments you might have.


I have no affinity for ANY Toronto sports team. I am a Montreal and Detroit fan (in that order). A Hamilton team would definitely be no. 3 with a bullet -- and climbing. I will have to see it to really believe it. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I am a Leafs fan... but by no means a die-hard fan. If Hamilton got a team I'd switch immediatly.

In a heartbeat, in fact I like to say the NHL and I are on break and I probably won't go back to the NHL until Hamilton gets a team. Doesn't mean I won't be watching hockey, I'll be watching the World Jrs., the Olympics and the Worlds but not one NHL game this year including the Stanley Cup...

There would be no change, I go to one Cat game a year, and I probably be only able to go to one Hamilton HC game a year, if I can get tickets. I suspect a Hamilton team will quickly be as difficult to find a ticket as the Leafs.

Yes, I'm a Bulldogs fan. Unfortunately the AHL has some disadvantages such as the constant rebuilding process and the fact no player last longer than five years on a team, you can really only enjoy an AHL team from the standpoint of watching players develop. So the community and connection is not quite the same since most games have small crowds of 1500 to 4500 but that is not to say there isn't one. When Georges Larocque scored the overtime goal against the St. John's Maple Leafs in Game 6 of the conference finals in 1997 the Bulldogs became Hamilton's team and when there is a full house, it's as loud and exciting as any NHL game. I was there at the clinching game for the 2007 Calder Cup and it was like being next to a jet engine it was so loud,

What was Hamilton's NHL teams nickname before they were moved to NYC and renamed the Rangers? is there something in the bylaws from that time that is affecting Hamilton's NHL aspirations? just curious

They were the Hamilton Tigers -- they was suspended in 1925 and the players dispersed to form the expansion New York Americans.


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If the Coyotes do move, why wouldn't they keep that name? At least there are coyotes running around southern Ontario.
When the Atlanta Flames moved to Clagary the name Flames was kept, yet the name Flames has nothing to do with Calgary. The name Flames came from the burning of Atlanta in the civil war.

At least having a team in Hamilton would give Ontario a second team after the Senators!

Cleveland wasn't the Seals.

Dallas wasn't the North Stars.

Carolina wasn't the Whalers.

Colorado wasn't the Nordiques.

New Jersey wasn't the Rockies.

Phoenix wasn't the Jets.

I could go on... :wink:

Trends would indicate the name would change. Getting fans to help pick the name and the logo might help generate more merchandise sales than just relying on a desert dog. LOL

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Thanks Russ- re"The Hamilton franchise was officially revoked at the September 22 league meeting in the same year,"- Is this what Betman means when he said that Balsillie not respect the league bylaws???

Screw the Leafs and MLSE, Hamilton Tigers all the way!

How about the Hamilton Phoenix :lol: :lol:

I'm on board with a Hamilton franchise in half a heartbeat!!

I'll be switching simply because the Leafs have been responsible for screwing us out of a team for years, I figured a Canadian team anywhere in Canada would be thrilled to have another team here because in the age of revenue sharing it only helps the League and the teams but the Leafs have acted boorish and slimey and I feel that is unforgiveable I was once a diehard fan...but I have yet to watch a game yet this season (well pre-season) I am utterly disgusted with their antics.

Sabres fan since Day 1. Would still follow them, but HAMILTON would become #1.
Incidentally , how about " WILDCATS " ?

Hamilton would for sure need to change the name ... and hope it doesn't sound rude .. but Hamiltonians have an identity thing going on .. they would need to be able to choose a name or you would hear alot of ..." well it's still not our team we are not the coyotes " and that's cool from what i hear "Tigers" seems to be the favourite. and for sure the Tiger-Cats will feel it a bit NHL tickets will be way more expensive and it will be new people will want to flock to see it. May take away from the entertainment budget for alot of people ... as for the Bulldogs you better hurry-up and go see them play it may be your last chance

Sabres are my #3 right now. :wink:

I like "Wildcats" as a second choice, but the league already has the "Wild"...so perhaps "Alerts" would be #3 -- just to be arcane. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:


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I'm with you ED...still will probably watch hockey this year (...its part of my DNA I think), but things aren't the same. I'm a Leaf fan but am so ready to hate them with passion when we get a team.

I was at that Dogs game in '07...was it '07 or '04 against the Aeros. Anyway...I could not believe how loud that arena was. The din of just regular play was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Unfortunately -- and, I almost want to say 'typically' -- our boys couldn't score a goal. If they had, the roof would've been blown off.

Unfortunately, I've been rubbed the wrong way by how the Bulldogs have handled themselves throughout this situation. I think they totally stood their sulking while an enormous opportunity to connect with hockey fans drifted on by.

I hate the Leafs, kill the Leafs, I hate raking Leafs.

Despite preferring to live in Toronto, having been born and raised in Stoney Creek, I have zero affinity for any Toronto sports teams.

I usually base my support for a team on the passion exhibited its following. All Toronto sports teams have a passionless McFollowing. In light of this, I thought I would be able to support the Toronto FC given they are the sole team with a true passionate following. Having gone to a few TFC games, I can safely say I can't find it in my heart to support this team either. Maybe its because they're the brainchild of MLSE but it just feels wrong like the scene where the dude accidentally makes out with his sister in Euro Trip.

I hate Toronto sports teams. The only team I am emotionally invested in is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. I have a soft spot for the Montreal Canadiens because of their following, history and cultural significance in Quebec.

If and when Hamilton has an NHL club, they will be my first and only hockey team. As it stands now, I will remain an ABL (Anybody but the Leafs) and for that matter an ABTO for sports in general.

I like the leafs, but if Hamilton gets a team, im switching instantly!

I've been a Bruins fan my entire life, and I think I can safely say if Hamilton gets a team they will likely be right up there.