Tigerland fight song?

As a result of a blog post on an Australian sports site I came across the Richmond Tigers of the AFL. There are many similarities to the Tiger-Cats, including their only recently coming out of a long period of financial instability that caused poor on field results.

Their colours are also Yellow(Gold) and Black, but no surprise there from a team called the "Tigers"

Also, their old logo (they are going through the usual controversy over updating their logo) bears a striking resemblance to our 1940's one.

But the most interesting bit is their fight song. We've been thinking we need to do more with the Tiger-Cats' fight song and this may provide some inspiration.

Fans of other AFL teams have posted their belief that the Tigers fight song is the best in their league. I prefer our fight song, although I'll admit that this recording of the Richmond Tigers fight song is well done, and better than this light-weight version I could find of ours.

What do you think?




On a slightly different topic, what other Tiger-Cat specific songs are out there?

Here's two more on youtube:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yava2U2hrtk [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5y5Qb49h8Q&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5y5Qb49 ... re=related[/url]

The TiCat Fan song is certainly energetic.....somewhat similar to Bob Seger's Old Time Rock'n Roll :rockin:

I like our own fight song better.

I like the Fan song the best though. It's really quite good. :smiley:

after some vacuous musing, the Fan Song is actually much closer to this song:


Ticat Fan Song:

hmmm..could we have copyright infringement here? :wink:

And agreed with Banshee, that the old TiCat Fight Song is better than the Richmond Tiger song.
Both are catchy in their own right, but tradition wins. :slight_smile:

The music of the Richmond Tiger's fight song was written circa 1912. The name of the song which was made
famous in the Ziegfeld Follies and is copyrighted is "And Then He'd Row, Row, Row." Some of the lyrics are as

And than he'd row, row, row.
Way up the river he would row, row, row,
A hug he'd give and her,
And he'd kiss her now and then,
She would tell him when,
They'd fool around and fool around,
And then they'd kiss again,
And then, etc. etc.

Caretaker: Do you know if the Richmond Tigers are paying for the rights to these lyrics?

I have had 5 songs (lyrics) copyrighted myself ,but my partner who passed away 2 months ago

did all the legal work. Fortunately for me, he was also a brilliant musician and teacher.

I really don't know how stringent copyright laws are so I'm putting this question out there

for your consideration.

The original song was performed by Eddie Cantor and several other renowned artists of

the 20s and 30s era.

I was never sure whether I should be cheering for the Richmond Tigers or the Geelong Cats. Perhaps we could convince them to merge?

Of course, if there is to be a team song, it must be "We love those Cats" This song was written by Jake Gaudaur and Ralph Sazio back in the 60's.
What I particularly like about it is that it contains words from th original version of the Ticat cheer.

Can you hear in there.....Oski-wa-wa.......Whiskey-wee-wee....

(Unsavoury words that were banished from the sanitized version used today.....)

But, I digress...

Wilf wasn't the song written by George Houselander the music director at Central High school and longtime leader of the TiCat Band.

I remember George Houselander, and I have heard that he had a hand in the composition. But, I also know that back then credit was given to Gaudaur and Sazio.
Was there collaboration among the three of them? Quite possibly.

In any event, the result is a fight song worthy of retention and promotion.....

At least ours is original!
Every time I hear Sask with "their" so called Green is the colour, I see Red. That original song "Blue is the colour" was actually released in the UK by Chelsea football team and they had the whole team singing it. It was around 1972 when they were getting ready for the League Cup Final.
I think it's disgusting that Sask stole it and changed Blue to Green, I wonder if they pay royalties every time they play or sing it?
Even Sasks logo was stolen from Safeway! and their team name was stolen from Ottawa!

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_is_the_Colour_%28Chelsea%29]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_is_th ... Chelsea%29[/url]

Listen and weep you gutless Rider fans:

[url=http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?p=blue+is+the+colour+chelsea]http://video.search.yahoo.com/search/vi ... ur+chelsea[/url] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMMvky9paI0

Have to go with the "TigerCat Fight Song". I , as many others on here, will recall when it was played by the TigerCat Band under the direction of G. Houselander, after every touchdown scored by the Cats. The more you heard the song, the better the day was! The band would also play "Tiger Rag" (Hold that Tiger) several times during the game as well. Still miss the old band.

Rocky123, thanks for posting that the tune was "Row, Row, Row" it was driving me nuts yesterday trying to remember where I had heard it before. :lol:

You're welcome, Matelot. When my wife read my post, she suggested that the reference to my partner might be
misinterpreted by folks on site thinking that I am gay. (Quoting Seinfeld - "Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

My wife (she is also an avid Ticat supporter) got me to thinking that perhaps it would be wise to clarify my position.

She and I have been happily married for 51 years and counting. My former partner also a Tiger Cat fan was simply a
music business partner. He and I had known each other all our lives

I'm a sucker for history, and I love hearing the Tiger-Cat Fight Song at the stadium. Over the last couple of years, it was played after the game ended. This year, I think the PA system had Cream's White Room (which I really enjoyed hearing after games), followed by the Fight Song. That combination worked for me. I can see that newer songs might appeal to new or younger fans, but newer genres of music can pass in and out of fashion, and usually don't please everybody. The great thing about the Fight Song is that it is a traditional football fight song, it's been around for roughly 50 years, and it's genuinely ours. If it sounds hokey, so what? We're in good company with some powerhouse NCAA teams.

The recording of our fight song on YouTube is probably from Canadian band leader Dal Richards, who produced an album with every CFL team's fight song in the late 1960s. The vinyl is pretty hard to find now. The blue team's band used to have mp3s from this album on its website, but I can't find a link for the site. There was a copy of the record on Ebay recently:

A more recent and muscular version of the Tiger-Cat Fight Song was recorded by Hamilton fans about ten years ago (I'm guessing.) You can hear part of it here:
I believe this is the version played at IWS.


I remember the Goerge Houselander Band playing the fight song .....

It gave an atmosphere to the Stadium unmatched anywhere else...

A neighbour up the street on Kilbourn Ave., Stoney Creek played in the Band ....

CHML made a song in the early mid 80s "Turn 'Em Loose" or some such. Horrible of course but it would be fun to hear it again.

Wow. I grew up on Kilbourn.

I’m always gobsmacked when I read Jake Gaudaur and Ralph Sazio wrote this song. CHML must have played it on the radio before broadcasts, as I can still remember my mother-in-law singing along, and adding in “fight, fight, fight? after the first couple of lines, and, of course, emphasizing the Oskee Wee Wees.

Good memories. Thanks.

Anyone remember the CKOC productions where they would do mock interviews with players and insert song lyrics for the answers. They were very often hilarious.