TigerCats Ticket Prices Scam

So I'm a student, and when looking to attend a few CFL games every year, I need to keep prices down as much as I can.

Looking at the end zone seats, I see that they are $20. There is a $2 building fee, and the Tickmaster charge. You can avoid the Ticketmaster fee by ordering tickets through the Ticats telephone number.

Then I saw a promotion to receive a gift certificate for Jack Astor's for $25.

Here's how it works: purchase 2 end zone tickets for $24.99 each. Same $2 fee applies. Same Ticketmaster robbery fees apply too. But you can still avoid the thievery by ordering through the Cats telephone system.

So then why are seats costing $5 more when they're in the exact same spot as other endzone seats? The Ticats lady I talked to said, "because you're getting a gift certificate".

So, in other words, I have to pay $10 to receive a $25 gift certificate.

What a joke and a scam the Cats worked up with Jack Astor's. If the Argos don't cook up a scam, I'm attending their games instead.

Don't get the gift certificate and pay the lesser price over the phone.

Don't really see what's so difficult!

Better yet, go down to the stadium before the game and you can get a ticket off the scalpers, then you don't have to pay the Ticketmaster charges.

A 25 dollar gift card for 10 dollars seem pretty good to me.

now I’m not math whiz…but doing a quick back of the napkin calculation, you come out $15 ahead ($10 for a $25 gift certificate). Where is the scam?

As a student, free food is a plus. But I don't buy into "clever marketing" ploys either. Not for $15. $50 maybe.... LOL

Why not just give people a $15 GC with the same ticket price? It falls along the same lines as price-matching. Price matching is not beneficial for the consumer. All it is, is a legal way of high price collusion between companies.

"Clever marketing" like this drives me away from products. I will not be purchasing tickets from the Cats, and since I do have a reason to go to this game on Friday night, I will be buying scalper's tickets.

I'm a very smart shopper - I never pay full retail price for anything and I earn points on so many things. (Any RFD members here? 8) )

Last game I went to I purchased tickets for $10 on the street. Sorry Cats, you just lost business with your trickery. I'll bring my own food too. :smiley:

Sounds like they lost you before this "scam"!!!

8) Well if free food is a plus for you, you would still be getting $15 worth of free food, according to your calculations !!!
 If you are such a smart shopper, as you claim to be, I would think that is a good deal  !!!

 If you are as you claim, a student, you must be attending university and listening to those socialist professors that are brainwashing you against all these capatalist companies like the TiCats  !!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 Just as a reminder to you, those $10 scalpers tix you buy, were still purhased from the TiCats to begin with, so you are still helping the Cats out.

 You just sound like someone who wants something for nothing, or else you will go and support the Argo cause, as you state  !!!  I don't see any intelligence in this whole scenario at all  !!!!!

I have no clue what your b!tching about...
if you want the $25 gift card pay the extra $10 if not then dont...

Hey Young Fellow, nice job .. guess you missed the marketing class. I didnt know about the great offer and now I do, thanks for reporting this on the web page of the offending business in your opinion. As you played right into thier capitalist ways lol ...
Go elsewhere please

By the way, if you do plan on bringing your own food, you can't bring it into the stadium with you.

you use the excuse that you're a poor, starving student. having been one, and being the father of two more, i know you're just blowin' so much smoke.
the real truth is: you're cheap, and you want something for as close to nothing as you can get.
i was going to riff extravagantly on student life here, and how it's not so tough at all ... but you're not worth the effort.
i agree: go away please. let some other hardworking organization knock themselves out for your pennies and bad attitude.
bye bye!

JugglingReferee why would you buy you're football tickets @ Ticket Master They charge a service charge when buying any kind of ticket from them

You're problem is with Ticket Master Next time buy you're ticket @ the Ti Cat store on Jarvis or @ the Game ticket windows on games day. There is no Ticket Master charge..

Yes, I hate 'marketing tricks' like this as well. To me they have the appearance of trying to deceive somebody. On the other hand, if you're smart enough to figure out the trick then you have the ability to decide whether or not the deal is worth it to you.

I much prefer transparency but it often seems like a lost cause to call for it. I admire the sentiments of 'juggling' but have become (unfortunately) more blase about this kind of thing. I guess that I'm just getting old and won't take offense as much as feel sorrow.

What some might call a scam, others call a promotion.

There's that sense of entitlement again.

I don't wanna pay for it. They should give it to me for free. They owe me.

If you're a smart shopper, you should know that points programs themselves are mostly scams. In addition to persuading you to divulge data about your shopping habits that will be used to target you for additional marketing efforts, points plans are designed to make you think less critically about which vendors offer the best value and instead let the potential to accumulate semi-valuable "points" motivate your purchase decisions. If for some independent reason you have already decided to stick with a single vendor for a frequently purchased item, a points program with that vendor can have value, but it still psychologically predisposes you to stick with that vendor even if you discover a superior vendor who you might otherwise switch to.

Restaurant gift certificates can have value if they are for a place you go to frequently anyway. However the denominations are such that most people spend more than the full value of the certificate in order not to "waste" any of the value of the certificate by spending less than the maximum redeemable amount. Places like Jack Astor's tend to fill their menus mostly with items that have big profit margins anyway, so while $25 off your bill is better than a kick in the head, it's not like you're getting the deal of the century anyway. They may still even net a profit once you figure in any amount you spend over the $25 and on items which are frequently exempt from such offers, like alcoholic beverages.

While on the subject of "deals" that may not really be deals, a classic example I'm reminded of is movie theatre "combo" promotions, e.g. where you buy a large popcorn, large drink, and get a "free" candy item. The whole point of the exercise is to try to train you into the habit of getting candy every time you buy snacks, in the hope that you will buy candy even when there is no promotion. Promotions in general tend not to be just about the dollars and cents in the moment, they tend to be about long-term psychological manipulation.

The home-run for Jack Astor's in this case is if somebody who's never bothered to go there before (or hasn't gone in years) decides to go because of the Ticats promotion and then decides to come back. Even if Jack Astor's loses money on the first transaction, if the person becomes a regular customer after that first visit then the loss will be far outweighed by the revenue from subsequent visits.

The smartest shopper of all is one who never buys anything they don't really want or need. Points programs and coupons are usually antithetical to that.


safetyblitz earns a gold star for a very smart post.

Well done!

I agree with the other guy that your post was well written. Everyone needs the basics of modern life: groceries, automobile fuel, utilities, etc. Paying those with a CC that earns points doesn't affect my confidence at all. I don't care if some think tank knows that I buy gas once a week. A million other Canadians do too, so no big deal. When I was commuting to TO, my client paid the gas and I earned 100,00 Petro Points on their dime. :cowboy:

@Kirk: I've never said that I should get something for free. I'm questioning the method by which a "special" is implemented. Like I said in my OP, why not just give a $15 GC away rather than the elevated ticket prices concept.

@Samme: I will not ever be purchasing any tickets through TM, as I clearly hinted at in my OP. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Dusty: Been caught twice briniging food in. Once in Buffalo, and once to a concert. Never for a Canadian sporting event. 8)

@justafan: feel free to disclose your marketing knowledge.

@Tipper: I don't believe that using scalpers tickets contributes to the Cats' as much as buying my own tickets. Somehow, those tickets from the scalpers have been paid for in some manner. But me using those tickets, at a small cost to me, the Cats can only claim (x-2) tickets being sold, rather than (x) if I had purchased two seats from thie telephone system. If 100 people do that, that is 200 or more tickets not bringing in additional income.

@BlackAndGold: the gamble with scalpers tickets is that sometimes you'll miss part of the 1st quarter depending on how much they're asking that day. If they have tonnes of tickets, they are more likely to sell for a lower price. It's supply and demand, as with everything else.

alot of companies give free tiockets to their employess and the employees scalp them..the owner of my moms work "orlick" owns or co owns the bc lions so i got ten tickets for tonights game for 100 bux 10 a piece I then sold 5 tickets for 100 bux 20 each (face value $45) so me my fiance and 3 friends are going for free + prolly 30 bux for pre drinking and jesus easily 100 for beer at the game.....forget ticket prices a bloody can of canadian (tall boy can) 7.50....for another 2 bux i could of bought a 6 pack...
by the thrid quarter i've had 6 beers thats 45 bux which is more than I pay for a bloody 24.

6 tallboys in an hour and a half?
Sir , you have a problem and it's not the cost of beer.

lol i don't get out much so when i do I take advantage of it. the sad thing is all my friends and my gf will drink me under the table anyday.

also i go about a half early its usually 2 or 2 and a half hours. thats a beer every 25 minutes which is not bad at all atleast not for any 22 year old i know. but seriously you think thats a problem? maybe i just know the wrong people but alot of my uncles and my grandpa and my dad and all my friends easily drink a 12 pack + when they drink we (most of us jsut dotn drink often)....
anyways thats my last post regarding drinking