Tigercats in Madden

I was thinking about creatine the tigertcats in my madden 2006 game since i don't have 07 yet but the thing is when it comes to attributes i'm not good with them so i was wondering if someone could help me make them...

Did you try my advice from before?

I'll recap some of what I said here. I have Madden 2K4 only at the moment, but I assume these generalremarks are still applicable for 2K7. They should apply to the PC version of Madden 2K4-2K6 for sure.

If you want to make a cap-friendly version of the team, take an existing team and mimic its ratings. Copy them down, then go to create-a-team and change the templated team with the ratings you have written down and the charactristics of the players.

To get a recent roster into a game, go buy a Ticat Media guide at one of the Ticat Stores (the Roar store in Jackson Square has them). You will find photos and bios of the players in them. Adjust the players in your created team accordingly,

If you go to pcfootball.net, you will find roster files for the CFL (including my all-star Tabbies team). Glenn Sheppard has made CFL artwork for all CFL teams from recent years (I believe his last was for 2005 -- it should still work for 2K7). There is a zip file there with the 2004 Cats already made. The team is in the low 7os rating wise if I recall and is cap-friendly as a result.

If you need any more help, you know where to find me.

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't needs those fiels the verison i have for is xbox so thsoe fiels won't work... All i need is help is with the each players attributes i got all of the bio and that from the website roster page

any help with this would greatly be appreciated