TigerCats at Supercrawl

Hope there is a TiCat presence at this years Supercrawl which I have to go to, never been to one and one of my favourite Canadian bands Great Lake Swimmers are playing there. Now also, have to admit, I do love the Arkells, saw them way back at a Matt Mays concert, and with the hummin stuff with the Cats, nice job Cats and Arkells :thup: , thought I’d post this:

In the crowd, was Arkells frontman Max Kerman, who walked to the pop-up from his nearby home.“I’ve just seen the (Supercrawl) line-up and it looks incredible,? said Kerman. “A lot of our friends’ bands are playing – Hollerado, Young Rival, Born Ruffians. When we last played Vancouver, Said the Whale came up on stage and did a song with us.?


So bottom line, TiCat fans please support Supercrawl, it’s a great happening, from what I’ve heard, in our town of Hamilton. And support James St. North area (which to me metaphorically represents many areas below the mountain including the IWS area) and the revival there, a great part of Hamilton that is just getting better and better as time goes on.

I was at Supercrawl for about 13 hours last year.
Too bad the game against the Eskimos is right in the middle of it this year.

Last year's Supercrawl was my first, and we had a blast. I'm considering skipping that Edmonton game. Bummer!

Well, the Cats already have my money as I'm a season ticket holder (no complaints though) so I'll miss the game as well to see GLS or Zeus or Whitehorse or Said the Whale etc. Bummer as you say though Captain. I had hoped to see Elliott Brood a few years back but did get to see them at the Ancaster Fair Grounds this year fortunately. Supercrawl really does bring in some great Canadian acts.