Tigercats App

Was Browser the Android Market and say this

[url=https://market.android.com/details?id=com.idnoodle.android.riderapp&feature=search_result]https://market.android.com/details?id=c ... rch_result[/url]

An App for Green Riders why can we have App for Ios and Android

How about a TiCat app for the Iphone?

Why not down load Ticat.ca on to your I Pod touch? works just like an app

it dose but The Rider App is much quicker to use when your in a hurry .
Get you news and get off Data Plans can be costly .

I just bought an IPod touch and I don't know too much about apps etc but the thing is great. It's really just a hand held computer, I downloaded the Ticat forums and facebook etc you can do anything on it, even use it as a phone. The only problem is, you need the internet to use it.

Honestly if they had an app it probably wouldn't be that good compared to what you can already get...

Those are 3 good apps, and you can follow Drew on twitter for additional updates.

http://www.scoremobile.com/ http://www.tsn.ca/feature/?id=11705 http://www.polarmobile.com/cfl/ [url=http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=scratchingpost]http://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_n ... tchingpost[/url]

I like the Rider much more than I do the CFL app. The user interface on the Rider app is much simplier and user friendly. I think if other teams were to come out with an app, I think they should use the Rider app as a template and just tweak their app a bit to cater to their fans wants/needs.

There is a pretty good CFL app for the BlackBerry.

The Score App is Bad

There Other two do have an Android Addion

What is bad about the score app?

U just don't like the layout and never been a score fan

Do you not like it because it by the Score?
Its actually really easy to use, and has a ton of good features.

The CFL app was fantastic until they sent out an update. It's designed by Telus and allows all Telus users to stream the CFL games live on their phone. I'm not through Telus and for most of the season last year it let me stream the game which was fantastic. Unfortunately the update fixed the "bug"