TigerCats agains't McMaster

I have the feeling that the Marauder fans that are really into them feel that their team is superior to the Cats in just about any way, on the field and in the community, well at least the community around the McMaster area. I'm wondering if some friendly type competitions could be set up. The most obvious would be an actual football game friendly between the two teams but this isn't soccer where it's much easier because players generally don't get injured in that game and friendlies are therefore more common. So that's probably out. But other types of competitions like maybe basketball or hockey games or flag football games come to think of it, and the monies raised could go towards charities and bragging rights. Just a thought.

Trying to instigate something again?
Maybe it's not all these "OTHER" people maybe it's you because you start alot of posts with this intigator type of comment about all sorts of people

Just saying ......

Lighten up a bit dawg, geez. Yes, I'm instigating but I come in contact with some Mac people and they are very proud of the Marauders now, for good reason. And some of these same people were not happy with the stadium politics because it had some personal political ramifications. So all I'm saying is as part of the healing process, have some fun and raise some money for a good cause perhaps.

I think that could be a decent use of "instigating", resulting in a friendly competition, don't you? I realize that there is a crossover of Mac fans and Ticat fans, fully get that.

Maybe we can get Angelo Mosca and Joe Kapp to participate. :wink:


Again, another one of your posts that just cracks me up :lol:

Seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the feeling that anyone who thinks any CIS team could play a game against any CFL team without being utterly humiliated, is seriously lacking in their understanding of football.

ExPat wrote: I have the feeling that anyone who thinks any CIS team could play a game against any CFL team without being utterly humiliated, is seriously lacking in their understanding of football.
Dead on Ex. I have to bite my tongue though when I meet some of these McMaster fans who, well, let's just say aren't TiCat or CFL fans, and they put down the Cats and CFL. I get a chuckle out of these sorts, that's for sure. And especially that they could have partnered on the new stadium right near McMaster at the Longwood site. Now when they want to use the new IWS for a game here and there if need be, they really have to go through the Cats front office, city as well of course, rather than being a partner. If I'm reading this correctly.

Mcmaster couldnt beat a top 10 HIGH SCHOOL team from texas..no way jose..not a chance in hell. can you imagine mac against an NCAA team?? lmao the score would be(if mac is lucky enough to get a touchdown) at least 100 pts. to 7!! there is no comparison at all in the levels of play...i love mac and the CIS is getting much better,but in reality it is USA HIGH SCHOOL ball at its best.

Mac couldn't beat a Texas high school team? I guess we can agree to disagree on that one. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old Mac alum)

Yeah, sorry. Keep College ball in college where it belongs. You have to consider, Pro teams pick the cream of the crop of the CIS/NCAA systems. The best players from every team, to make their team. Say nothing that the coaches are almost all, already proven University coaches anyways or the age/maturity differences between players.

As far as a Texas High School team, sorry, I'll take players who have completed their growth spurt any day of the week.

When you think NCAA, I’m sure you’re referring to the best conferences in division I. Rules aside, I would put CIS in to a low division II or III level of competitiveness. It might surprise you to know there are American colleges that operate football programs on a scale and budget similar to, if not less than, your typical CIS program:


While Texas high school football is culturally significant and certain high schools have venues and budgets that meet and exceed those of the CIS, a team of 16 and 17 year olds WILL NOT compete against a club of 18-22 year olds regardless of how fancy their home stadium or how rabid their community fans might be.

Your trying to instigate an argument between Mac fans and Ticat fans …who cares …it’s not here your trying to bring it here like you do REPEATEDLY anytime you think a group is against the cats

I have nothing against freindly cometition but you instigate stuff and then sit back and play innocent after.

And i am not a mosca fan … his name means nothing to me …and he made kapp look like the better man last time they met :expressionless:

Also think of the ramifications if the cats lose… be hard to shake off

So what if the Cats lose in a flag football game or basketball game for heaven’s sake? :roll:

The purpose is to have fun, raise money for charity and help in the process of making Hamilton a bit more tight knit as a community.


Thats why were are here...talk football and cheer for our cats....still like a Texas hs teams chances ,though :wink:


I've seen a few NCAA Division III teams play and I follow CIS football quite closely. Generally speaking, CIS teams are of Division II calibre.

So, you’re looking to match a group of talented post high school players against a team of professionals, which include some Americans from Division I programs, men who’ve spent time in the NFL, and others who are Grey Cup champions (Burris).

Silly, silly thought.

I like the Marauders. But are you looking to find a way to embarrass these fine young people??

I think we can look at SFU for some context here....


Thanks Tommy for that link. Didn't realize SFU and UBC played a game agains't each other in most years and alternate the rules from game to game. Interesting.

I hate acting as the "grammar police", but the title to this thread is one of the most awesome examples of a misplaced apostrophe that I've ever seen. 8)

I’m no English major that’s for sure Jerk. Actually never did take it past grade 12, English wasn’t my thing in school I’ll admit although I wish it had of been to be honest. :oops: I take no offence to the correction being noted at all. I guess it sort of explains why a fair number of people may take offence to my use of the English language on this site. :wink:

McMaster? Who Cares?

I hope they never win another game.

After they screwed us on the use of the stadium, I have no respect for them at all.

And don't give me that crap about the hospital being near and the traffic problems it could cause.

McGill's hospital is almost right next door to Molson stadium.

No matter what side of the stadium issue you were on, McMaster never came through for Hamilton.

End of story!!!