Tigercat Rally at City Hall January 8th at 1:00 p.m.

I know some disagree with this approach however a tigercat rally is being organized for January 8th at 1:00 o.m. at city hall.

What is being said is

"It's official Tiger-Cat fans January 8th @1pm city hall will be our date, time and place for the rally! We need to show those counselors who's boss and that we mean business and that the Tiger-Cats aren't leaving without a fight from us the loyal supporters. Get out your black and gold,bring your kids and all your friends and don't forget your sign with your message to the counselors!!!"

I know I will be there, in addition to showing up on January 12th. i will provide more details when they are available.

If I go I will wear a Sammy hat that says a certain something. From one big mouth to another. :wink:

I can't support any Action Keeping the Ticats In Hamilton Now..

I only support Actions moving the Team to Burlington

I would like the Ticats to stay in Hamilton also, but with our City Council, I think it best that the Aldershot thing work out instead. Guys like Whitehead and McHattie have let this thing get personal, and that has seriously clouded their judgement in relation to what is best for Hamilton and Hamiltonians. The bridges have been burnt. Aldershot would be an ideal location for the team to attract new fans, as well as retain the old ones. I can't see Council reversing its stance on Confederation Park, which would be the only viable option left in Hamilton.

Here is why i support this rally. Aldershot is not a sure thing. We need put pressure on Council to give more options for our team. I that means Confed Park, great or perhaps it means it sweet heart deal at WH or what ever. I too like the Aldershot site but just want the cats to stay in the area first.

I'll be skiing. Had the trip planned for months

A guy I know with a local business in the area near where the Spec building is told me he was talking with McHattie was cutting up the TiCats big time saying they just want a stadium for free etc where they want it blah, blah, blah. He is anti-Tigercat I'm sure according to what this guy was telling me.

Is this RALLY still on ?? I have not heard much about it !!

Are you advertising this to the people of the Greter Hamilton Area ?

Yes this rally is still on. I am working with a person on Facebook to advertise on CHML and in the Hamilton media. We are also trying to get some players and celebrity's. If anyone knows someone, please PM me.

You would!

Onknight wants to save money on bus fare,give him a break!

I don't need money for bus fare but I'm on board with Onknight, it's all Golden Horseshoe to me ie. Aldershot looks sweet for so many people involved. Councillors have voted in Hamilton - TigerCats - we don't want you any more. So be it.

With all due respect re- Ti-Cat rally: What will be your focus? At this point the risk is having a low turnout or being unable to support an alternative to the latest #1 new stadium location.
The rally supporting IWS had a low turnout and the low turnout was covered on CH news( I think if the Pope had shown up to show support CH news would have still found some negative angle for the Cats but that’s another story) so at this point a low turnout or lack of a viable option in Hamilton will be their angle.
From reading the posts on this forum you can see even Ti-Cat supporters are split , so what will it be:
a/ Support Confederation Park?
b/Support the Rheem Site?
c/Buy time and try and find private money for CPR?
d/ something else I haven’t listed.
To me as much as I’d like to see the Cats stay in Hamilton, unless the city and the Ti-Cats have been really good at keeping it quiet, there are no private investors coming out to support any of the Hamilton locations. If they are out there you would think they’d speak up now.

Exactly mountain. An official "in the city limits". which is dumb to me, approach now, is dead in the water. it will be a win-win for HOSTCO with Burlington and Hamilton each getting something, the way it should be at this point.

Not sure if the same person here is the one who wrote the comment on Facebook, but the one suggestion would be to use the rally to support renovating IWS. With respect to the rally organizers, whose hearts are in the right place and have my full support in that regard, shouldn't we tart by striking the options that the team will not consider? After all, they're the ones who have to live with the financial consequences of where this thing finally goes and IWS has been a money-loser for a few years now, partially because the location is not user-friendly. Also, would the rally supporters support Aldershot; if not, why not?

Chewbacka1973 - What's the lastest on the propossed rally at city hall on Jan. 8th

It is a go for Jan 8th at 1:00 pm at city hall. I was communicating with Scott Thompson last night to try and get him and the organizer on 900 CHML.

Sounds Good, See you there !

About 25 people are at the rally....they are all out beside Main St waving at traffic.........lots of noise, horn honking and Oskee Wee Wees

They are a spirited bunch for sure ! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was there as i will be Wensday night. Im very upset in the amount of people that where there only 35, now for all those that complain on here your actions are louder then words or typing. It will be interesting to know why you all were not there!