Tigercat fans and Argo Fans who you going to cheer for?

Okay TC and Argo fans who are you going to pull for once your teams finish out the season.

Ticats fans will cheer for the Lions because its one cat to another. We got there back and they got ours. Do Torontonians even know there are 7 other teams? (Just kidding)

Ticat fan here,

I don't really know. Like to see Montreal or Winnipeg, as they are eastern teams (and not the Argos). Doesn't really matter which. Winnipeg would hurt a little I guess, if Moreno ended up with a Grey Cup ring somewhere else besides Hamilton.

Out of the western teams

BC-talented, but underachieved a little this year, especially early. I like David Braley, he's a Hamilton boy (too bad we got rid of him owning the Cats). Always kinda liked BC

Calgary - I like Hufnagel as a coach. Would hurt to see Armour get a ring (for same reason as Moreno). BTW, why couldn't anyone in Calgary warn us about the ineptitude of Denny Creehan? Overall, I don't mind Calgary. Then again, the HUGE disrespect that former Cat Dwight Anderson showed the Hamilton fans at last night's game (I was there) took them down a notch a bit. For those who don't know, he was rubbing it into the fans that he's on a better team now. Memo to Dwight: If you want to tell Cat management (Obie, Mitchell, etc...) that you're on a better team, then that's fine. But don't take it out on long suffering fans, especially on Fan Appreciation night.

Edmonton - It would be nice to see fellow cellar dwellers from the past couple of years get to the GC. No former Cats of any importance... I'm a huge Ricky Ray fan... this may be my choice...

Saskatchewan - don't want to see back to back winners. also, Rider fans have gone from being loveable, to a little on the cocky side.

That's it then, I'm cheering for Edmonton


Well that will buy them 1 more week, but what about the last 2 weeks?

i'll be cheering for Calgary, i definately dont want Montreal or Winnipeg to win (if Hamilton isn't going to win i always want a western team to win) and i just think it would be nice to see Henry burris win a playoff game for once....plus JoJuan Armour is one of my favourite players :smiley:

If Montreal makes it to the Grey Cup, I'll be cheering for Montreal! I'm going to the Grey Cup and I'm sure the city will go nuts if the Als win it. If a western city win, the atmosphere won't be nearly as good.

Welcome aboard there Jordan!

I will pull for Saskabush only because it wasn't so long ago they were in similar straights to the Ticats and still supported their team. I even forgive DJ Flick for his rather classless fake oski wee wee cheer last year after scoring against my Cats at Ivor Wynne. I hope he makes a full recovery from his terrible injury.

My second choice would be Winterpeg because they are the team of my favourite ex-Ticat (Moreno).

(Off topic, but) If you look at all of the ex Ticats out there playing for other teams, they would be the makings of a pretty good CFL team. The two that spring to mind initially are Calvillo on O and Moreno on D (but there are many, many more).