Tigercat/Bomber Game Score discrepancy

Can someone explain to me why the Tigercats lost one point in the second quarter after the Bombers conceded a point. They went from a 7-7 tie to 7-6 with no explanation given. Suitor had just finished saying the game was tied at 7 when the score changed to 7-6 for the Bombers and it never got corrected the whole game. I have rewatched that portion and there is no explanation.

The Bombers were unusually undisciplined in the 1st half - they were trying to stem the tide of Ticat's aggression and the result is usually penalties.
On that particular play - the Bombers should have immediately conceded but the returner dilly-dallied in the endzone and provided the bomber blocking squad enough time to take an illegal blocking penalty, which was half the distance back to the goal-line (from point of infraction).
Hamilton accepted the penalty and thus abdicated the single pt rouge they seemed to have gained.
Obviously, Dustmite Neilson & Old Glenny don't have the mental capacity of explaining the situation - so they did like they always do - they kept their mouths shut.

If the Bomber returner had simply let the ball roll out of the back of the endzone or immediately conceded the single - the Bombers would have taken possession on their own 40 yd. line - instead they started at their 5 yd line. In essence they gave up 35 yds of field possession by being penalized.


Thanks for that explanation. Now it makes sense.

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So are you available to replace Old Glenny as in immediately ? You have a genuine handle on rules of which he does not and stays silent or comes up with his own interpretation. So many commentators I PVR games so i can skip over them and endless replays.

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You;re doing the right thing son.
Even without Rod Black's incessant yap-oablum Old Glenny's lack of focus on the game was really bothering me. Giant Nielson's lack of reining in his elderly broadcast partner showed Old Glenny he could take Dustin wherever he wanted to.
There is an obvious lack of focus on the game at hand - too much gnattering on thing past, a total lack of game flow by the folks in the both charged with giving us a game flow. Or at least a version of it.

Many thanks for the "Son" moniker. I turned 82 June 3rd. My late Bride and I went to our first Bomber game in 1961. Players went both ways, had local jobs to supplement their football income. They were intelligent, respectful of the fact their opponent had to earn a living and so didn't go head hunting (Angelo Moska excepted) and teams were families. Now the league is full of goons and only someone out of their gourd would want to play QB or receiver. Injuries to that group is constant and so we see second stringers playing the position which robs the fans of seeing the best. Oh, and if my Bride and I each bought $10 worth of groceries at a local Wpg chain, (our usual two week supply anyway) we got to sit in the north end zone for "$1.00 each. Those were the days my friend !

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As is the case with most penalties, the Ticats had a choice on the play to either accept or decline the penalty.

Had they declined the penalty the ruling would have been that the play stands, Winning ball at their own 40, single point for the Ticats.

The Ticats accepted the penalty which occurred after the ball was kicked so they couldn’t retry the kick. By accepting it became Winnipeg ball at their own 10 yard line with the penalty moving them back half the distance to the goal, but nullifying the single point.

I have no idea how they determined the penalty gets assessed from the 10 yard line, but it’s been that spot for as long as I can recall for this quirky situation.


I PVR games so i can skip over them and endless replays.

And FF through the first 5 plus minutes at the start, commercials, some of the half time crap.......but most importantly ability to stop play for beer / bathroom breaks.
Happy belated birthday

No idea either about the 10 yard line placement . . . . must be in the rule-book or the head ref made it up on the fly!
There must be a rule in the book that defines kicking into the endzone that determines ball placement. My expectation was that, barring a re-kick and that the Bombers eventually conceded the rouge - the ball would be placed at the 40 and the 10 yd penalty for illegal blocking would be assessed, bringing the ball back to the 30.

The rule must somehow read 'Spot of the foul' - so, in essence this foul occurred at the Bomber 10 and the foul triggered a half the distance assessment.

Any other explanations?

I think you nailed it with the "spot of the foul" on a ball kicked into the end zone.

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