Tiger Woods was rushing to support Riders in Calgary - says

A.P. - Tiger Woods's wife made a statement minutes ago suggesting that Tiger, dressed in green from head to toe, was rushing off to Calgary to support his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders. His wife went on to say that Tiger turned sharply into the fire hydrant when he realized he had forgotten his green rider underwear. The drive from Florida to Calgary straight would have taken Tiger about 17 hours hence his early departure time, concluded his wife. She added , "Go Riders Go!" :cowboy:

way to go turkeybend, you made me smile ... and I NEVER smile. Certainly never before the fourth Sunday of each month ... Mind you, it wasn't much of a smile. More like a grimace at the corner of my mouth. Still, it was a smile. And even a tiny smile is probably going to be more than the Tiger is going to be able to muster once the whole story comes out. I'm betting there's a really nasty public fight coming, followed by a settlement that has more zeros than the Toronto press corps.

Well, let's hope the Riders fare better than Tiger did. :stuck_out_tongue: