Tiger Woods could play at the Masters

Tiger says he would make his decision later this week
I think he will play the par 3 with his son on wednesday and decide afterwards
There will be 3 Canadians in the field :canada:
Mackenzie Hughes (from Dundas)
Corey Conners
Mike Weir

Dustin Johnson is almost Canadian as he married Gretzky's daughter
It doesn't get almost more than that


One problem I have with the Masters are their rules for eligibility. I mean really, Mike Weir taking a spot over someone who should be there based on current performance? A bit of a joke for the field really compared to the other majors. Weir should do the right thing and if it's about a Canadian in the field, ask Adam Hadwin who just finished 4th at this past weeks Texas Open to take his place if the Masters allows this. And Tiger I doubt is any true contender at all either.
Whatever, I enjoy watching all the Majors and looking forward to the Masters as well.

I look forward to watching some of the past winners still playing like Fred Couples and Mike Weir, etc.
it is part of the history, You have to win it to be invited back into it
Thats why they call it "The Masters"


Sure, I like watching them as well at the Masters from an emotional aspect with their past wins there but in terms of garnering the best field, it is a bit of a joke really. They don't deserve to be there in terms of a major having the best field possible with some years of exemption for past winners. This is the major-leagues of golf and they should be trying to get the best field possible. I think the U.S. Open is a good middle-ground, a 10 year exemption for past winners, that seems fair.
This is a good read, Tom Watson says here:

"“Which means it’s up to you, as a player, to know when it’s time,” said Tom Watson, who won the tournament in 1977 and 1981. “I always felt like if you couldn’t compete anymore—and I don’t mean make the cut, I mean compete to win—then you shouldn’t be playing. I probably hung around a couple of years too long.”

Doubt Tiger Woods winning it at your peril!


I was going to start a Masters thread but since you have done so I will just post here, although I am not big on the Tiger Woods reference.

The Masters is my favourite sporting event of the year. It is the hardest ticket in the world to get to a sporting event. World Cup soccer final, Super Bowl or Olympic opening and closing ceremonies all can be had much cheaper and easier than a Masters ticket. There are some 40,000 tickets available to “patrons”. These tickets are generally passed down by Will through generations. In the 1970’s there were some 10,000 people on a waiting list for tickets and then they closed the waiting list. It hasn’t been opened since and probably never will be. It’s all black market unless you are one of the fortunate few.

Two of my colleagues, before I knew them, once had tickets to the Masters practice rounds for two days. Those are easier to get but still hard to get. It cost them a fortune for even these tickets and a crazy amount for accommodations, roughly $25,000 in total they say just for practice round tickets and accommodations, although they sold one day’s ticket and recouped 3/4 of their monies. Many of the residents of Augusta abandon their city during Masters week and rent out their homes, much like many New Orleans residents abandon that city during Mardi Gras. Apparently the rental monies usually pay their mortgage for the entire year.

What I love most about the Masters is that after a long wait it is the first major of the year, a panacea for golf fans like myself and it takes place in what I consider to be the most beautiful setting in all of sports. Unlike other majors it is always played at the same venue so anyone who regularly watches it is familiar with the history and every hole on the course. It rarely fails in the competitive drama department as well.

It is not all roses and magnolias, however. The history of the Masters is rife with Old Boys network control, misogyny and racism. They have been dragged into the 21st century unwillingly it seems. Any infraction of any of their sometimes ridiculous codes of conduct can get a spectator banned for life. This includes carrying a cell phone and running on the grounds. Commentator Gary McCord was famously banned for life for describing the ultra fast greens as having been bikini waxed.

We are going on some 38 years of tradition with a small group of us gathering for the weekend at my residence to watch the Masters. Everyone stays overnight and we all chip in and make a fabulous pizza from scratch dinner. We have a long running Masters draft and our own ridiculous rules, such as no cell phones on and no answering the door during play. Play is virtually continuous as there are no more than 4 minutes of commercials per hour by order of the club to CBS. I am not sure how we did it without a PVR which we watch on about a half hour delay.

The club is so wealthy that during the year of the infamous dispute over female membership they paid CBS for all their commercial time and the entire broadcast was commercial free. CBS has televised the Masters since at least the 1960’s, remarkably on a series of one year contracts (CFL reference here). We complain about TSN having too much influence over CFL game starting times, but not the case here. The Masters tells CBS what they can and cannot do right down to the last detail. A true anomaly in sports. They limit broadcast coverage (boo), were the last tournament to show all 18 holes, must approve of the broadcast team and control how certain references are made, including the aforementioned “patrons” and “first cut”. If an announcer mistakenly refers to a “gallery” or the “rough” they potentially face discipline and even banishment a la McCord. Curious but unique.

I will post some pictures of the venue and get ready for the week I refer to as the High Holy Holidays.


They no longer allow past winners to play for life. I also have no interest in watching over the hill players like Mike Weir, but they do not take a spot in the field from anyone else nor are they replaced if they don’t play. The Masters is by far the smallest field of all the majors and is an invitational.


I doubt it and as usual am not a fan of Tiger this and Tiger that. I sincerely hope he doesn’t play and don’t expect he will. If he does play I don’t expect him to make the cut although almost every shot he takes will be fawned over. A distraction from the actual tournament but a ratings bonanza for sure. There aren’t enough PED’s in the world to make Tiger competitive this week.

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I am not worthy, Your post is Masterful on the Masters! :+1: :golf:
Corey Conners and Mackenzie Hughes have a punchers chance


Not according to this unless I'm reading this incorrectly. Not my favourite of the majors, British Open is my favorite by far, but certainly enjoy watching it, nonetheless excellent read for your thoughts jon, hopefully it wasn't your favourite tournament though when Blacks weren't allowed to play and that wasn't that long ago really. Reading that invitations were'nt' extended to Blacks until 1975. Do love the pics though!


Wow. Just wow.

You really know your 'Masters' stuff Jon. Up until now I had no idea how (censored) these tournament organizers really were. Imagine going to a CFL game with your cell phone and getting banned for life should it ring during the 'dog catching frisby act' (which is my all time favorite halftime gig).

Henceforth I shall defer all future Masters questions to you instead of Google.

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They certainly do, especially Conners and his ball striking abilities.

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The first Masters I watched was in 1978 when I was a teenager and not even aware of some of the worst of their past policies such as their racist ones. They didn’t mention that on the broadcast. I wanted to at least make reference to those policies. I have little use for the old boys who run the Masters, but the venue and the play itself is spectacular. It is the kind of event that anyone can watch for the first time and not even know how golf is played and still be in awe.

The British Open is unique in a different way. One thing I don’t like about it is the fact that all too often either the morning or afternoon draw plays in a Scottish gale while the other half of the draw plays in pristine conditions. This has happened far too often to my favorites and hurts the integrity of the competition by making the luck of the tee time draw a huge and often decisive factor.

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One good thing about the weather factor at the British Open: It makes it harder for the bad guys to "fix" the results. Other than that, hourly climate change is a pain.

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Mike Weir playing in the Masters is "a bit of a joke?". It's an invitational tournament. It's the most visually beautiful tournament. Thanks to "Amen Corner", it also has the most drama on Sunday.

Mike Weir's accomplishment was huge. He could have lost the tournament on any of the last 6 holes. Instead, he made clutch shots all the way.

How many Majors have you won?

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The Masters and the Open are 2 great tournaments . If you want to see the best fields , it's the Players' Championship . It's referred to as the 5th major .
I hope Tiger can play on Thursday but I don't think he can walk 72 holes on that rolling terrain . He is the GOAT , so you never know .

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Sure, let's make this personal, why not eh.? Unreal, didn't take you for that kind of a poster my friend. But what you said, is what it is.

Mike Weir great winning the Masters but, IMHO the U.S. Open system is better, well fairer to those who are simply playing better more currently, and he wouldn't qualify for that major. I like it better than the "for life" system if you win the Masters. And course is gorgeous, absolutely, no denying that. Love watching the tournament just not my favourite one and never has been.


Take it any way you like. Are you the guy that thought the 2022 Grey Cup was sub-standard? If so, how many Grey Cups have you won? Talk about pompous.

Keep 'er going my friend, I've got a few more shovels for you... And I will exactly take it any way I want it, thank you kindly. Call me pompous, I couldn't care less what you think of me.
And prove to me I said the 2022 Grey Cup was "sub-standard". Prove it...

How many Grey Cups have I won? Don't make yourself look small, you deserve better for yourself...