Tiger Vision

Does anyone know where I can get the video they played on Tiger Vision a few years back. It started with a hammer hitting a piece of metal and is showed pictures of different areas of the city. I've been looking on the internet and youtube looking for it and found last years featuring Printers and Lumsden. Anyhow the old one I thought was great. Maybe they'll play it tonight.... or new video.

Oskee Wee Wee

Pretty sure the video with Lumsden and Printers will not be on the Big Screen tonight....or ever again.

They will have a new one that will rock your socks I am sure!!!

I just hope they have lost that song "Put your hands up in the air"
And have some "Boom Boom Pow" on the speakers and on the field!

How about..."Everybody clap your hands."?

clap clap, clap your hands

I hope they’ll be bringing back the ambulance sirens this year for whenever we score a touchdown :smiley: loved that in the game last year against SSK, but they never did it again since. :expressionless:

I liked the cadets' cannon.

Glad they brought back the hammer and anvil video from two years ago. Anybody know where the music is from?