Tiger Vision

Why is it that evertime that there is a questionable call in the officiating, the replay function on the scoreboard seems to stop working? It is very frustrating when you want to see a replay of a call that could make a big difference in the game and you look at the scoreboard to see nothing. When you have a team that is not capable of making exciting plays, you need to utilize the scoreboard in a way that will keep fans interested in the game.

Might be a league policy designed to not embarrass the officials and upset coaches.

I think officials need to be embarrassed once in a while or at least held accountable...in all sports. They are kind of untouchable.

I know their performance is reviewed weekly. Wayne Shaw looses his job for doing it poorly. Maybe officials could be suspended a week for making a number of poor calls.

As for Tiger vision- they are brutal at showing replays. I think every play should be shown again. They do it in the blue team's stadium.

Does it have to do with the review challenge?

There was a debate that coaches shouldn't be allowed to see the replay on calls that may be challenged.

That makes sense. Good call.

Too much advertising $$$ maybe?